Saturday, February 28, 2009

3/1 A Southern Daydreamer Week in Review

This weeks posts: (clicking on post title will open link in a new window)

We had 47 participants in Outdoor Wednesday !  I want to thank again the following for posting (clicking on their name will take you to their Outdoor Wednesday post): kathy b, ellen b, Pat, Kathy, Tam, Charlotte, Claudie, SheilaBeth, Olive Rue, Tracy, Cindy, Paula, Christine, Maryrosecielo, Catherine, Vicki, Carolyn, Joyce, Coty, Lorrie, LindaChris, carolinajewel, Janie, Donna, Terri, Megan, sue, LisaKathy, Cam, Diane, Jeanne, Sylvia, Mary, Bo, Kim, Karen
kari and kijsa, terriedj, Lana, Becky, Judybug, Helen, Yira

Comment Questions Answered: (no questions this week!)

I enjoyed reading all the comments left by everyone. It is very humbling to get compliments from the bloggers whom I have admired for a long time and who are the inspiration behind me finally starting my very own blog!

A Southern Daydreamer Visitors: Thank you to all  the visitors who left wonderful comments this week: Ahrisha, Alaura, Alfazema, Alisa, Amy, Anita, Ann, April, Barb, Barbara Jean,  Beth, Betty, Betty Jo, Belinda, BJ, Blog S, Bo, Cam, Candy, Caren, Cass, Catherine, Cathy, ceekay, Chandy, Cherry, Chris, Christine, Cielo, Cindy, Claudie, Cynthia, Coty, Dawn, Dawnie, Deb, Debbie, Deba, Diane, Diane W, domesticdesigner, Donna, Elaine, Elizabeth, Ellen B, envoy-ette, Felicia, Fifi, Foley, Gabriela, Gina, Glenda, Gloria, Gollum, Heidi, Helen, Irma, Jane, Janie, Jayne, Jeanne, Jennie, Jewel, Joyce, Judi, Judy, JudyBug, JyLnC, Karen, Kari & Kijsa, Kathleen, Kathleen E, Kathy, Kathy B, Kelly, Kim, Knitty, Koleen, Kris, Kristen, Kristie R, Lady Katherine, Kathleen M, Kristie R, Lady Loves Cake, Lana, Lana G, Laura, Laurie, LdyDyLuvsCake, Leann, Lidy, Linda, Linda/Mom, Linda Q, Lisa, Llyn, Loretta, Lori, Lorri, Lorrie, Lynda, Mari, Marian Elizabeth, Marie, Martha, Marty. Mary, Mary Rose, Melissa M, Michelle, Mimi, Mojo, Molly, MyRoseRetreat, MyThoughtsMyVpice, Nancy Jaane, Nicole, Olive Rue, Pat, Pat W, Patti, Patty S, pcb, Rechelle, Riet, Roberta Anne, Robyn, Rose, Sally, Sara, Sara D, Sarah, Sheila, Sheila W, Sheri, Sherri S, Sherrie, Stacey, Sue, Susan, Sweetie, Tam, Tammy, tar devil, Terri, Terrie, Theresa, Tracy, Vanessa, Victoria, WesternWoodburner, Yira, Zoey

I appreciate all of the wonderful things you had to say! I hope you all will stop by again soon!

I host “Outdoor Wednesday”! Learn more about it HERE

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  1. It's always a pleasure to drop by for a visit with you! ♥ Diane

  2. Can you believe February is almost over already? Time sure flies when your surrounded by friends ♥ I had a great time hanging out with you this week Susan!

  3. I have been trying to catch up on blogging and visiting. I was going to come here tomorrow, to let you know I have an award for you if you wish. I was going through comments, to make sure I not missing any. There was one from you, on My A Lady's Hope, I blinked tears as I read, everytime you see pink you will think of me, That is so sweet, OK Best go before I have to wipe tears

  4. As always, Susan, it's a pleasure to visit you at your blog. You're a sweetheart! And I always enjoy coming for a visit, whether it's for Outdoor Wednesday or any other day!


    Sheila :-)

  5. Happy March Susan... Another month that just flew by... What a great post today. I enjoyed reading it so much. Have a fun filld Sunday!


  6. Hi are such an organized lady! I really like your week in review posts..;- Bo

  7. I want to join "Outdoor Wednesday"

  8. Thank you Susan. I hope your Pink Saturday was pretty. It's a pleasure to scroll down your blog. You have a lot of taste and a real talent for your tablescapes.


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