Sunday, February 22, 2009

2/22 A Southern Daydreamer Week in Review

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We had 54 participants in the Outdoor Wednesday !  I want to thank again the following for posting (clicking on their name will take you to their Outdoor Wednesday post): Kathy, Tam, Ellen b , Sue, Karen, Maryrose, Olive Rue, Sheila, Candy, Claudie, Kathy b, Really Rainey, CindyBo, Charlotte, Donna, Fifi, Gollum, Judybug, Joyce, BethMamapippa, Kathleen, Judith, Jeanne, Patti Cakes, CamJanie, Stacey, Lori, Kathy, Terri, Megan, Cami, Alisa, ChrisMelissa, Lana, Carolyn, Lisa, Becky, April, Jackiesantamaker, Jain, Queenie, Cindy, Helen, KatherinellenDonna, Nicole, Coty, Cass, Elizabeth

Comment Questions Answered: (no questions this week!)

I enjoyed reading all the comments left by everyone. It is very humbling to get compliments from the bloggers whom I have admired for a long time and who are the inspiration behind me finally starting my very own blog!

A Southern Daydreamer Visitors: Thank you to all  the visitors who left wonderful comments this week: Alaura, Alice, Alisa, Amy, Ann, April, Ashley, Beth, Betty, BJ, Bo, Bobbi Jo, Cam, Cami, Candy, Caren, Carlotta, Carie, Carolyn, Carrie, Cass, Catherine, CC, Charlotte, Chloe Patricia, Chris, Christine,Cindy, Claudie, Coty, Cyndi, Cynthia, Dawn, Dawnie, Deb, Debra, Debbie, Diane, Diane W, Donna, Elaine, Elizabeth, Ellen B, envoy-ette, Erin, Felicia, Fifi, Fitty, Foley, Gabriela, Glenda, Gloria, Gollum, Heidi, Helen, Helene, Jackie, Jain, Jane, Janet, Janie, Jeanne, Jennifer, Jenny S, Jessica, Jewel,  Joyce, Judi, Judith, Judith S,  JudyBug, Karen, Kathleen, Kathleen E, Kathy, Kathy B, Katy, Kelly, Kolleen, Kris, Kymber, Lady Jane, Lady Katherine, lagirl, Lana, Lana G, Laurie, Leora, Linda, Linnea, Lisa, Lorie, Lynne, M, Manuela, Mari, Marie, Marty, Mary, Mary Rose, Melissa M, Melissa W, Michelle, Mimi, Mishelle, Miss Janice, Missy, Mo, Molly, Mojo, Monica, Mumzie, Nancy, Nicole, Olive Rue, Pat, Patti, Queenie, Rainey, Riet, Roberta Anne, Robin, Robyn, Rose, Sally, SNDI, Sara D, Sarah, Sheila, Sheila T, Sheila W, Sherrie, Shirl, Silver, Sue, Susan, Sweetie, Tam, Tammy, Terri, Terry, Tristan, Victoria,  Wendy

I appreciate all of the wonderful things you had to say! I hope you all will stop by again soon!

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  1. I must say, the way you look back on your week is mesmerizing. You have a great blog here!
    I might try and do something on your wed. outdoor theme one of these days.

    Have a great day!

  2. Good Morning, Susan. Have a good day.

  3. I enjoy your reviews. Great posting, Susan!

  4. Hi Susan...your week in review is a nice idea & it's especially nice that you acknowledge your visitore...all bijillion of us...LOL We love your blog! ;-) Bo

  5. another Georgia girl! glad to meet you! I borrowed the "Georgia Blogger" award and put it on my blog

    have a great week!

  6. It was a nice week ♥ Hope you have a great day Susan :)

  7. Susan, You've had a great week! Here's to another outstanding one! ♥ Diane

  8. Loved seeing you as always, Susan!


    Sheila :-)

  9. Have a great weekend, I got to go to Marshalls and TJMax last night for the first time I had a blast!!

  10. just to let you know that I am in...I am sylvia extra (from Villa Extra), from The Netherlands and I am hoping for many more outdoor wednesday pictures to come!!


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