Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2/25 Outdoor Wednesday

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While outside over the weekend I searched for signs of “new life” in my yard. I had almost given up when I spotted something move on a tree nearby. I had to look closely because he blends into the tree…..


He was sitting in a sunny spot……. enjoying the warmth….


and when the sun went behind the clouds….he turned and ran back down the tree trunk……


and went home? (I hope he comes back)

And my flowering plum tree at the street is almost finished blooming….


The blooms are stating to blow away with the wind……


I am ready for more signs of Spring!

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  1. Good Evening Susan! Critters and blossoms such great signs of Spring. Thank you for hosting Outdoor Wednesday. I appreciate you :0)

  2. Hi Susan
    Oh how nice to be seeing signs of spring. That little guy on your tree is cute. I always love seeing them when I'm south. Enjoy the nice weather. We won't be having our spring for a while I'm afraid. Its been nippy around here.

    Your pictures are lovely. Wish I was there.
    have a lovely evening

  3. Isn't this silly, but I just love seeing lizards! He was a cutie, and definitely a sign that warmer days are near. Your tree is lovely too, I noticed a few today that were blooming nicely - yippee! Kathy

  4. Hi Susan,
    here everything is still covered in snow but I will enjoy your signs of Spring while I continue to be in a waiting pattern for a couple more months.
    Have a wonderful evening and a great Wednesday,

  5. I like lizards but not in the house!!
    No signs of spring in this neck of the woods...You'll see
    Happy OW Susan
    Love Claudie

  6. Great signs of spring. I was out looking for signs of spring this week, too!

  7. Hi, Susan, I enjoyed meeting your little critter and seeing your plum tree! I went looking for spring and found it in other people's yards... though I spotted some flowers tucked in mine that are blooming, too! We got hit hard by frost. Some of my neighbors... not so much... so I borrowed their plants for my post. LOL!

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday and thanks for hosting!


    Sheila :-)

  8. Lovely lizard you camera captured there! I love them when they're on trees like that, but the house ones, no thanks! LOL

    Great pictures!

  9. ah..i almost missed that.. lizard?

    Have a wonderful day !

    smiles from a friend,

  10. lucky you,,you have lizards. On our way to Vegas last May, my grandaughter spotted the tiniest lizard while in Utah. it was so very tiny..we snapped a picture but you couldnt spot it in the picture. they were amazed at all the different critters in the different states we crossed while traveling.

  11. Hi Susan... I posted on the previous post... My "Outdoor Wed post is on. Would you add me to your link... I won't have access to a computer during the day...



  12. Susan,
    Great pics. l so enjoy watching my little friends when spring gets close by!!! Have a very blessed Outdoor Wednesday.

  13. Susan,will you click on my name and check it out for me? and please tell me what I did wrong. thanks.

  14. It was a FAT lizard!! :) I love critters ♥ and your tree is so pretty! I want one that has flowers like that.

  15. Hi Susan! Just wanted to say hi and Happy Outdoor Wednesday! Can't wait to meet you on Monday. Love your photos this week. A sign of spring. :-)

  16. You have blooms, I'm so jealous! It will be several weeks before it warms up sufficiently here for anything come out, but I enjoyed seeing yours!

  17. What a cute little guy as your harbinger of spring. Spring seems very far away here... it was 16 degrees this morning!

  18. Susan,
    I would love to see those signs of spring, it's going to be a bit here. The little lizard is quite cute! Cindy

  19. Your plum trees are gorgeous! And the lizard could hardly be seen. He must mimic the color of the tree trunk. We have really nice green ones here and once, I saw a blue with a yellow tail that was just beautiful. I will have to post it one Outdoor Wed......Christine

  20. Susan, What a cute lil lizard., my sheltie goes crazy when she sees a lizard. ;) The buds on the tree are GORGEOUS! I was just in McDonaugh, GA this past weekend and took pics of buds on a tree there. ;) ~CC Catherine

  21. Oh I need some of thoe blooms at my house ! I am jealous.LOL .

  22. Spring is just around the corner. You are so sweet to comment on my blog. Thank you so much for helping to open this blogworld for me.
    Until next Wednesday, Maryrose

  23. You captured that small lizard in a photo. Good job! Love the pink tree! Happy OUTDOOR WEDNESDAY.

  24. Hi Susan,

    As you get ready for spring my garden is turning to Autumn. The last of my summer flowers have finished.

    Have a wonderful day and I look forward to visiting all your friends in their gardens today.

    Coty Farquhar

  25. Hi Susan, the first signs of Spring are always so exciting to me. I bet the all the little critters in the garden look forward to the sunshine and warmth too. I love the little lizards that live around my house here in NC.

  26. Hi Susan, I do love the signs of spring too. However, I jumped right into summer today. Smiling. I am longing to be done with this knee thing and so summer was my dream,

    I can't find Mr. Linky this morning. I'll come back.


  27. Susan,
    My 1st post got accidentally deleted and I have been having trouble with my blog all day. I reposted and could you leave a comment so i can see if it is working this time. Thanks, Cindy

  28. Flowering trees are so lovely and such a welcome sign! We have a "pet" lizard that lives on the ivy growing by our back door. We haven't seen him yet this year, but he is so cute. Thanks for sharing those signs of spring with us! :D Jewel

  29. Susan, it's encouraging that chameleons are poking their heads out, along with daffodils, crocuses, and jonquils. I've noticed that the trees are beginning to show their pretty little spring leaves, too. Oh, happy day!

    Thank you for hosting "Outdoor Wednesday" for us.



  30. We don't see many of those critters here! I am still posting snow pictures! Thanks for hosting this for us!

  31. Good Morning Susan... What a good post today featuring that little lizard... He was so cute... and your flowering Plum Tree... It is so beautiful in the picture... I bet it is even more striking to see it in person... I have added my name to Mr. Linky and have my post up... Which you already know... Thanks for visiting.... I love this Outdoor Wednesday


  32. Hey Susan,
    I too am ready for those signs of spring! I need to tour my yard and take some photos...if it ever warms up enough!

    Thanks for hosting!

  33. I've seen lizards already too...we have Green Anoles here in East Texas.

  34. Good morning Susan...Don't you wish your plum trees could stay like that year around...so pretty! I hope I fixed Mr. Linky...he & I went around & around with each other and I gave up and went to bed...LOL...Thanks Susan for hosting OW...;-) Bo

  35. My dog goes crazy over lizards! She chases them up them fence and under chairs. I don't know what she'd do if she caught one! Great post!
    Thanks for hosting this outdoor party. I'm glad I could join you this week. I always enjoy seeing everyone's photos.

  36. Hi Susan,
    What a great idea about Outdoor Tuesday. I just added my name, but I had a bit of trouble and it posted twice. Maybe you can remove one. Lizards, once we saw these when I lived in a warmer climate. Now it's just an occasional bunny or squirrel. Your garden photos look great. Karen

  37. How fun! What a neat idea!
    kari & kijsa

  38. What a nice outdoor journey to spring!

  39. Susan, I love seeing pictures of your yard and the critters that visit it. We have no signs of spring yet. Expect dh says he saw a robin the day we got home from vacation. I haven't see it yet. We expect more snow tomorrow.Brrr..

  40. Ah! Signs of springtime will be everywhere before you blink. Spring is so lush and green and -- brief -- before summer's searing heat is upon us.

    All the best, Lana

  41. Your little friend is so cute - they're so much fun to watch.

    Thanks for hosting Outdoor Wednesday - I can't wait to see all the pictures.


  42. I think we are all ready for spring. Time to re-feather our nests and create new things.
    Loved the little lizard.

    Roberta Anne

  43. Spring is almost here!! If the lizards are coming out, then it is almost spring!!!! Sorry, we still have snow on the ground. ;D

  44. great outdoor pics. I love how your tree is almost bloomed! xoxo

  45. I don't see many lizards here, I'm not sure why. Our trees are just beginning to bloom but we're having lots of rain on those petals. Thanks for sponsoring this each week.

  46. Oh I missed OW. I'm at work checking in on my lunch hour.

    I really had to look hard at your photo but then I saw him. Spring must be on it's way.

  47. Thanks for hosting this event! I love the buds on the trees - promises of spring to come! Linda

  48. Wow I couldn't even find him at first in the first photo! Great pics.

    I always love your comments on my page!

  49. Hello dear.Yes my one and only rose bush has started to bloom and our trees.Of course we'll have another freeze that will kill them.But-it's 80 degrees here today.But-it'll be 30 again in a day or two...Ann

  50. Susan,
    I am so sorry that I added my name before I was finished the post. My computer crashed (cleaning lady accidentally unplugged modem in office) Luclily I saved it but I can't seem to pull up the draft to edit & publish. I have tried everything. Can you give me some advice? Only a paragraph comes up and there is nothing to click to publish. If I can get it right I will save it for next week. Thanks.


  51. Thanks for hosting OW and for showing us bits of spring at your home. I enjoyed seeing the buds, flowering plum tree and the lizard I believe? Were those magnolia leaves?
    We hit a balmy 61 yesterday for a high of the year and the snow is almost melted. I can hardly wait to see something blooming here:)

    Hugs to you, Susan, for hosting this party so we can see so much more of this beautiful world.

  52. OK I think this time my comment will go through...I wanted to say that really enjoyed the lizard picture- how lucky that you were able to capture that. I'm from Dominican Republic and growing up I remember we used to chase these around the yard and try to figure out where they lived. I don't get to see these very often around here or maybe I'm not looking closely enough.


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