Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday G’Pop

If my grandfather (lovingly called G’Pop) were still alive…. he would have turned 106 years old today. He has been “gone” almost 19 years…but I still think of him often. I would like to share some pictures of him…..

As a young man……

Henry Kneeland Ball II youngHenry Kneeland Ball II

With my grandmother (G’Mom)…

 Elsa Schofield Ball and Henry Kneeland Ball II     HKB II and ESB in Darien CT 1957 Henry Kneeland Ball II and Elsa Ball

With my dad ….. 

Henry Kneeland Ball II and III

In Rome, Italy….

HKB II in Rome

With my dad and brother……

Henry Kneeland Ball II, Robert Kneeland Ball, and Henry Kneeland Ball III

G’Pop (1903-1990)

Henry Kneeland Ball Jr

Gone but not forgotten….


  1. Susan, what wonderful pictures you have of your grandparents! They are such a lovely couple who seemed to really enjoy life. Your G'Pop was a very handsome man!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. You are always so kind to do so, and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate it!

    Take care~

  2. what a wonderful tribute... i love how you honor him even as the years roll by~ very touching and sweet, says so much about you too~

  3. What a beautiful tribute..your so fortunate to have such treasures.. Your G'Pop was such a handsome man..hugs ~lynne~

  4. Hi Susan,
    What a wonderful tribute to your grandfather. He and your grandmother make a beautiful looking couple. What great memories!!

  5. lucky you and him to have such memories. those are great pictures to treasure.

  6. Susan
    What beautiful pictures! What a handsome young man he was...and what a handsome elderly man in the last picture.
    How special that you have these wonderful pictures to remember him by....
    thank you for sharing..
    and have a lovely day Susan,

  7. What a good looking man he was! And I can tell he was special by your tribute to him. Sally

  8. What a wonderful post. I'm sure he is looking down smiling at you. Great pictures.

  9. Susan,

    Thank you for sharing your G-Pop with us, no matter how long they have been gone they are still in your heart, I know my Nana is.

  10. What a beautiful tribute to a special man. What a handsome couple your grandparents made, love the hat and long coat. But the picture of him holding your father is priceless. Thanks for sharing these. Kathy

  11. What a great tribute to your grandfather. He was a handsome fella. He made a nice couple with your g mom....Christine

  12. What a treasure he was! Thanks for sharing your wonderful memories. Linda

  13. Such a sweet way to remember your G'Pop! I love all the pictures. :D Jewel

  14. How great to give a tribute to him, It is great to have all those photos for your memories!

  15. Aww Susan ♥ Happy Birthday to your G'Pop. What wonderful pictures! Thank you for sharing them.

  16. Great photos :) I am so happy that you have fond and loving memories of your family :)

  17. Susan, this was such a beautiful tribute. We never forget them, do we. They are part of what made us who we are. laurie

  18. What a nice tribute to your G'Pop. I had never heard that term used. I like it. I'm sure I would have liked your G'Pop.

  19. What wonderful pics of a very handsome man. I love family tributes. They deserve to never be forgotten!



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