Thursday, February 12, 2009

Weekend Whatnots

I really enjoyed reading the comments to last Friday’s Weekend Whatnots and what everyone was planning on doing over the weekend….so I am going to do it again!


It is Valentine’s day on Saturday… you have Valentine’s day plans? I am not sure what we are doing yet…….


I checked the weather for our area and it looks like we may have a little rain…..but I may try to work out in the yard….


taxes I need to sit down and finish working on taxes (ugh)….  I like to get them done “early” and out of the way…. and I told the kids I would help them with theirs….

 What are you planning to do this wonderful weekend?


  1. I am planning a very romantic dinner for my sweetie, steak with blue cheese butter, salad, sauteed mushrooms, and tiramisu for dessert, I also have a nice bottle of wine. I am hoping it will be cool enough for a nice fire that night. Sunday, is always my resting day. I cook a nice lunch and spend the afternoon with my husband. If the weather is nice we will ride the motorcycle for a few hours. There is a wonderful historic town about an hour away and we ride there on Sundays. Have a great weekend.

  2. I am really bad because I wait until the last minute to do my taxes... I have an accountant and still hate to do them.
    Roberta Anne

  3. JB and I are hoping to see a movie, as there are several out that we've not seen. It's also Mardi Gras here so if the weather is nice we'll go to the parade. I'll be making JB a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for Valentines Day - his favorite.

  4. Definitely not taxes. Have a good weekend!

  5. Have a Happy Valentine's Day Susan!
    I hope your husband is doing better. Enjoy... xoxo...

  6. We're going out to eat..yay ♥ Happy Valentine's day to you and your family Susan!

  7. No plans for Valentine's Day. Our anniversary is early March so we roll them into one celebration. Hoping to go out for a nice dinner in a couple weeks without the kiddos! Tomorrow I need to do some not so exciting cleaning around here. That's about it for us. Have a Happy Valentine's Day!

  8. Our tax appointment is tomorrow afternoon & I'm losing my mind! I going to relax Saturday! My birthday is Sunday - bummer.... ☺

  9. Hey Susan, I'm psyched, because I'm traveling with my Beloved to spend Valentine's Day with Ms. Kathleen Ellis & her Prince Charming, our blogging buddy. Kathleen has been a BFF Of 24 years. So, we'll be spending 10 hrs. in the car tomorrow to arrive on Valentine's Day EVE. I've baked Strawberry Shortcake Scones that's making the trip north with us so we can take advantage of all of Kathleen's Valentine Day tablescapes! ;) ~CC Catherine

  10. oh please delete that tax pic before i turn you in for blog abuse... i won't even breach that until 4-14, 10pm...

    rainy 3 day weekend, so nothing special planned. we do have a vday party and hopefully a few good books under my belt by tuesday.

    gosh i am sure looking dull in print huh...

    happy valentines day!

  11. Hi Susan...I am going to have a wonderful weekend that'll last through Monday...My grandson is going to be here & is out of school Mon. so we'll get an extra day with him.
    There'll movies to watch & games to play, sprinkled with lots of hugs & kisses...can you tell I'm excited!! ;-) Bo

  12. tonight is OURS..the rest of the weekend i'll be cooking and being with family. I need to make sure I do something for me today otherwise by sunday night i'll be wore out!

  13. It's going to be in the 80s here. We're going to a movie at church tonight--a Date Night--with a chocolate fountain. Sunday afternoon we have a Valentine's dessert party to go to.

    Saturday is OURS.

  14. I am planning on having a nice quiet evening with Bob tonight, then we are having a romantic dinner out on Saturday. We are cooking for Ashley and Eric on Sunday and on Monday we are headed to St. Louis for a little R and R.

  15. I have everything together to do taxes, just need to take the time to do them. My Daughter and Grands will be here Sun. & Mon.

  16. Susan, I plan to work on a blog post, and I plan to spend time with Mr. Magpie (haven't seen him in a week). I won't be outside because I need to do stuff inside first. LOL!


    Sheila :-)

  17. Weekend plans include bringing a nice lunch to my Mom in her Alzheimer's unit, so she and my father can share a Valentine's meal together.

    Then it's filet mignon and some good wine for dinner at home with Howard, one of the perks of Empty Nesting!

    Sunday is church, and then an attempt at hanging a couple of HUGE mirrors, and Monday? Not sure. No work that day, so maybe Howard and I will actually do something that doesn't involve a HOUSE project.

    Although, probably not. :-)

    Enjoy your weekend! (Eeek, taxes!)



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