Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Updated: Commenting and Followers problems


I have been having trouble leaving comments the last few days……. so I googled (searched) for a solution …..

comment problems

From Known Issues for Blogger (Monday, February 23, 2009):

The word verification form is currently failing to load for some users. As a temporary workaround, you can disable word verification from the Settings | Comments tab. We're working on a fix now, and apologize for the inconvenience.

I have removed word verification from comments for now.

Instructions on how….

  1. Select Customize (top right of screen)
  2. Select Settings (tab on left under name of blog)
  3. Select Comments (under settings tab)
  4. Select “never” under comment verification
  5. Save settings

For those of you who see a noticeable decrease in comments….this may be your problem too…….


For those of you who see a noticeable decrease in followers or blogs you follows….this may be your problem…….

Known Issues Blogger (Monday, February 23, 2009):

We are in the process of integrating with Google Friend Connect, which may temporarily affect the Following feature for some users. Specifically, users who already use Following and Friend Connect may notice missing blogs in their profile, as well as a decrease in the number of public Followers on their blogs. This is because we have set these users to "anonymous" to avoid linking the profiles of Blogger and Friend Connect users without their permission. They are still following privately and will able to make themselves public again. After the official launch of the Friend Connect integration, we will communicate with the affected users and instruct them how to reset their relationship to public. To reiterate: the number of Followers has not changed, and we believe that the launch will improve the visibility of your blog and community. We will post more details on Blogger Buzz as the launch approaches.

Blogger and Google Friend Connect combining…. issues should be worked out when they are finished……

Hope this helps!


  1. I removed the word verification from my blogs. I decided if I didn't like the comment I could always delete it. Since I look at my blogs so often an unwanted comment wouldn't last long. I got the idea of not requiring it from Beachkat. She blogged about how annoying those word verification things were and I decided I would get them off my blogs too.

  2. I'm glad you changed your settings, because I tried to comment here several times yesterday and I wasn't able to because of the word verification bug!

  3. I am not having the problem. But, it was kind of you to post this for others that may be.
    Hugs, Terrie

  4. Thanks Susan, I had noticed this problem over the last few days. I disabled the word verification also. I'll just check more frequently for comments and delete any that seem to be spam. Thanks for the heads up. Kathy

  5. Susan, I've been having that same problem with trying to leave comments on some of my favorite blogs, and then having that pesky *loading* error ruin it! Thanks for posting this...perhaps it will work itself out, like so many computer issues! :-)

  6. I had this problem when trying to leave a comment, the past couple of days.

    When I started blogging, I used the word verification a couple of weeks, a few months into blogging. Word verification is used to prevent robots from leaving comments. This sort of comment is usually spam. I've only had those sort of messages about three times in almost 300 posts. Comment moderation is utilized to screen comments. I've not run into any problems when using moderation. I've only had a couple of comments that needed deleting from my posts.

    My advice would be to take the verification off the posts.

  7. yep I noticed this also..I have not been able to comment on some folks blogs. and personally my email for outlook express isnt working so I cannot even email the bloggers to let them know I am trying to comment but cannot.

  8. Hi Susan, :)
    Thank you so much for showing us this fix.
    It has happened to me many times this past week.

    Can you help me with something else?
    Just in the past few hours all the people I follow have disapeared from my profile page. I use this feature so much I feel like my blog is disconnected. Gloria at Happy to Be's have also vanished from her profil page.
    Maybe it's a glitch and they will come back very soon.

    I checked quite a few blogs and I'm still following them. It just doesn't show up on my end for some reason.
    If you know anything about this let me know if you have time. My hubby could not help me and he's usually pretty good at this stuff.
    I'm having a blog makeover done tomorrow so I was hoping it would be normal by then.

    Thank you so much, ~Melissa :)

  9. Thanks Susan, friends were emailing me last night about not being able to post a comment on my blog so I disabled the Word Verification last night....Christine

  10. It seems like the only place I've had a problem is in embedded comment forms...if it's a full page or a pop up window it doesn't seem to affect it. Way to Google Susan! At least now I know they know :) Woohoo!

  11. As much as I hate word verification I haven't noticed any problems... BUT I am glad everyone is removing them.... They are a pain in the hiney...


  12. Thanks Susan...I was wondering about the following thing!

  13. Thank you Susan, you're so awesome! I was having trouble leaving comments & gave up! ♥ Diane

  14. Good evening Susan... I'm glad you explained about the problem, I've been trying to leave comments on your blog for a while and was not able to.... now I know... thanks... I am participating in "Outdoor Wednesday". My post will be up in few minutes.... I don't know where to link.... are you adding a "Mr Linky"? I don't have access to a computer during the day, so if I can't link tonight, would you add my name... thanks

    Happy wednesday


  15. Thanks Susan,

    I did read that earlier as well.

    If you think it may be it then I'll trust it will fix itself soon.

  16. Thank you Susan. I removed my word verification also. I didn't know I was using it! I have had trouble leaving comments and it is so frustrating. :D Jewel

  17. Thank you--I have tried to leave comments on several also.You have the answer of course,ha...Ann

  18. Thank you for the info!! I have disabled mine now hopefully that will solve the problem for now

  19. Susan,

    Thank you for looking into it for us all, I think we have all been having this experience on some blogs.


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