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2/4 Outdoor Wednesday

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Today I stopped by my favorite Lowe’s to see what they had out front….and they had pansies! Mostly yellow……


and some blue….


and even some in a pot……..

pot of pansies

but I was hoping for more colors…like these!


Do you have a favorite pansy color?

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  1. Oh...now you did it...got me craving Spring more than ever!!! :-) My favorite pansy color by far are the pastel colored ones. They are actually called "Pastels" and they can be really hard to find. My second favorite ones are the ones they call "antique"...they look a bit like the pastels, but a little darker. Thanks for hosting Outdoor Wednesday...looking forward to seeing more of the "outdoors" on this dreary February day. Susan

  2. Thanks for the cheerful pansy inspirat've always been partial to the white ones with the purple edges.

    Kathy b

  3. I love all pansies! I especially like the multi-colored ones, like the blues and purples.

  4. I love pansies, we get them only for a brief time here but we do get some beautiful colors! They always make me smile!

  5. Hi, Susan ...

    This is my first time to participate in "Outdoor Wednesday," and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's posts.

    I love pansies and my favorites are the "antique" colors, but they are hard to find sometimes. I planted yellow and blue last fall and have some pictures in my post.

    Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our "outdoors" ... I hope to participate again sometime.



  6. They're beautiful! I need to get to work outside! I meant to go to the garden store today, now I really sorry I didn't go! ♥ Diane

  7. Hi Susan, I love pansies so this collage and all the photos make me smile real big!

  8. Hi Susan...I love the yellow and purple ones! It seems like mine don't do so well...I think I plant them too late... so I've decided to put some in early spring this year! Have a great day...Debbie

  9. Susan, I usually have pansies in my beds, but I didn't plant this year for the first time in years. Can't wait to put some in this month.

    Yours are just lovely!

    Thanks for hosting us. Sending love your way. I hope hubby's hand is better! :-)



  10. Susan,
    Thanks again for hosting this wonderful party to share in the great outdoors.

    I have always loved the pastels. Your pansies look beautiful! This time of year I love any color, of any flower, where ever we can find it;-)

    Please give my best to your husband. I hope each day gets a little bit easier for him and his hand will have a full recovery.


  11. Thanks again for hosting this fun event. I love pansies, I think they are such a whimsical looking flower. My favorite are the periwinkle blue color. Kathy

  12. Susan, Absolutely love pansies! My favorite color of pansy's are the deep purple velvets and the brightest sunny yellow...I like to mix these two colors together! Your post and the pics are intoxicating and really excite me for spring! Thanks so much for hosting Outdoor Wednesday, I think it's one of my favorite events of the week! ;) ~CC Catherine

  13. Hi Susan...I've never seen ginger lilies in stores. They just seem to be one of those plants people share. I bet they would be in a catalog, though. They grow kind of like a canna lily...from a rhizome thingy. lol I can always share mine if we ever get a chance to meet!...Debbie

  14. Susan- thank you for your sweet comment about my vignette- THis is the only spot that looks together! I am still trying to get my house back in order from taking Christmas down and can't think of a thing to do for my huge long mantle!!!!

    I would love to participate in your outdoor Wed sometime- my outside is not much to look at yet- but someday!!!


  15. Hi Susan! Oh, the little pansies are just the sweetest little flower. Love that little face on them!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. Good evening Susan.... pansies are such a delicate lovely little flowers... you're so right: Seems spring tease....and then old man winter sends us a reminder that he isn't finished yet! I know, yet, I need to keep believing spring is on its way... ;) Love ya!


  17. Oh, I love pansies. I just planted some last week. Yellow and the deep burgundy ones, and some that are almost white. I put them in a big wok bowl and they sit on the patio to say hello every time I go outside. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Marty

  18. I love Pansies. I'm amazed at how they can freeze, thaw out and keep going and growing. They're amazing little plants and so pretty.

  19. Susan this is my second time trying to leave a comment. It just goes poof...but I'm here and giving it one more try.
    Love pansies. My fav are the mix with more bright yellows.
    BTW thanks for putting Mr. Linky up early. Makes my life easier even though I'm still up and visiting. I'm not a morning person.

  20. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for hosting this and thanks for the beautiful pansy pics. My stomache actually hurts right now, thinking that Someone can actually buy these at this time of year. All I see is snow and snow. I love all the colors of pansies. Cindy

  21. Thank you for hosting, I was getting the itch to plant and I think you inspired me. Lowe's here I come. I like the pansy with the multiple shades of purple best, but I never met a pansy I didn't like.

  22. Susan, your pansys are beautiful.. so happy and cheerful looking. Thanks for hostessing. I'm happy to be a part of such a fun filled day.. hugs ~lynne~

  23. Susan, I love them all. I always have a hard time choosing in the spring. I have to wait until May to plant them. I also love to mix them with the violets. I think that looks really cute. ~ Robyn

  24. Susan,
    Just gorgeous! Ready for Spring! I like Purple/white and also Pink. You'll see it on my blog too....Have A Wonderful Outdoor Wednesday!

  25. I love all the pansy colors! And I love them all mixed up, like your collage!

  26. Your pictures are beautiful! This is my first time to participate but I will be back every week. Outdoor pictures are my very favorite to take :)

  27. Happy OW - Cool collage/colors!

  28. I love pansies and your pictures are gorgeous. Since we are huge LSU fans, we plant in purple and gold every season. :)

    I love that you have a supervisor chair too. They are essential for hubby projects!

  29. Hi Susan...I've never planted pansies...I don't know why, because I love seeing them planted in other people's beds...I like the darker colored ones I think...like purple & yellow together. ;-) Bo

  30. Argh! You're torturing me with pansies, when all we have in our garden centers is rock salt.

    I think purple pansies are the prettiest, although, I really think any color is nice. The delicate look to the blooms, makes them ideal for pressing and using in crafts.

  31. Hi Susan,

    I wrote a response to your post but it won't let me add it. Would you be able to include this in your blog? Thanks so much!



    It never occurred to me to buy pansies by color. I select them like people do pets. I look at the litter and the sweet faces that speak to me come home with me. Pansies don't clash so I have a riot of color.

  32. Pansies are my ALL TIME FAVORITE outside flower. I love the looks of their cute little faces. They seem to be coming up with more and more colors but my favorites are the DEEP VELVETLY PURPLE....with with a pale purple face....OR The White and Dark purple.

  33. Hi Susan, When I tried to add my linky I somehow added a post I had linked to another site at Christmas so now there are two frippery links and one is a holiday tour. I don't know how to get rid of it from your Outdoor Weds link. Sorry, I am new to this Mr Linky thing. Pam

  34. Hi Susan. I can't remember if I have said Hi or not. So hi again. I'm in GA too. I've joined the blog party and I love the pansy photos.

  35. What a variety of colors !
    I prefer all kinds of blue and purple !

  36. Hey Susan! Thanks for the heads up about my "missing pictures". I posted them about 6:30 this morning so obviously I did something wrong (Ha). I'll get it fixed ASAP and hook back up to Mr. Linky!


    P.S. How can I delete the one that is wrong?

  37. It's me again! I think I have corrected the link but now it's showing "Christmas In The Den 2008"!!!! Is it me or blogger? Anyway, I've gone back to my post and edited it to try and attempt to "set the record straight" but I would like to know how to take off the part that shows "Christmas In The Den"! I pasted the corrected URL which showed the "Planter Envy" post....what's up with blogger?!


  38. Hello. Thank you for posting Outdoor Wednesday. I have really enjoyed reading through the participants posts! I am even more anxious for Spring! :o)
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

  39. Susan,
    I am really stretching my blog self today by trying to join in on Outdoor Wednesday. I just couldn't figure out how to get the Outdoor Wednesday Logo on my post. I love pansies too. Yellow and purple is my favorite combination.

  40. Susan,

    Beautiful post. Pansies are the first flowers we can put out as they can stand a little cold. I really love the combo of the purple with yellow!

    Thanks for the peek of what's to come! :-)


  41. Once I get my move behind me, and settled a bit, I hope to participate in Outdoor Wednesday.

    I adore pansies. In my new apartment there will only space for container gardening. I must grow at least one pot of pansies!

  42. Hi Susan,
    This is my second comment and I thought I had linked to Garden Wednesday but my name wasn't on the list. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?
    Thanks and I'll keep trying.

  43. Susan,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. Your site is wonderful, so pretty, and well put together! I am new,(3 weeks online) but have an outdoor space I can use for Outdoor Wednesday, it will be fun!


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