Saturday, January 24, 2009

1/25 A Southern Daydreamer Week in Review

This weeks posts: (clicking on post title will open link in a new window)

We had 25 participants in the Outdoor Wednesday !  I want to thank again the following for posting (clicking on their name will take you to their Outdoor Wednesday post): Patti Cakes, Susan, Margaret, Diane, ellen b, KathyTerrieDJ, Sheila, Gollum, Katherinellenonceinabluemoon, Alfazema, Catherine, Tam, Beverly, Lisa, carolinajewel, Jeanne, The MuseDiane, Kathy B, Elizabeth, Jadehollow, Judy, Beth

Comment Questions Answered:

  • “How did you group all of your awards and such?” from Lynne at Lynne’s Gifts from the Heart- since more than one person wanted to know the answer, I tried to explain it in a post (Organizing your blog..... )
  • “How long did it take you to finish?” (Blue Needlework in Blue Monday post) from envoy-ette at It Could be Worse, Claudie at Claudie’s Blog, Diane at  Four Paws & Co, Sheila at Quintessential Magpie, and Wendy at Some of my Favorite Things- I don’t remember exactly…guessing three months. I always had more than one project going at a time.
  • “Is it a Martina Weber design?” (Blue Needlework in Blue Monday post) from Riet at Quilt n’ Stitching Lady  and Susan at The Good Life– Yes, it is a Martina Weber/Chatelaine design. I have finished a few and started a few others. They are large projects! It is called “Watergarden”. Most cross-stitch shops have it or can get it.
  • “How did you get your same background on Twitter, if you don't mind my asking?” from Debbie at Confessions of a Plate Addict- I don’t mind you asking! You can change background in Twitter by going to settings>design>change background design…. My background isn’t the same (exactly).. I took an image of a portion of my background and then selected “tile” to have it repeat it.. Looks the same…but it isn’t!

I enjoyed reading all the comments left by everyone. It is very humbling to get compliments from the bloggers whom I have admired for a long time and who are the inspiration behind me finally starting my very own blog!

A Southern Daydreamer Visitors: Thank you to all  the visitors who left wonderful comments this week: Ahrisha, Alaura, Alfazema, alicesg, Alisa, Angie, Ann, Barbara, Becky, Becky G, Beth, Betty, Beverly, BJ, Bo, Bobbi Jo, Cami, Carol, Carrie, Cate, Catherine, Ceekay, Charlotte, Charlene, Christie, Claudie, Cindy, Darlene, Dawn, Dawnie, Debbie, deckthehalls, Diane, Diane W, domestic designer, Elizabeth, Ellen, Ellen B, envoy-ette, faeryhollow, Gabriela, Glenda, Glennis, Gloria, Gollum, Helen, Jain, Jan, Jane, Jeanne, Jen, Jenny S, Jewel, Jillian, Joyce, Judith S, Judy Bug, Kandy, Katherinellen, Kathleen, Kathleen E, Kathleen M, Kathy, Kathy B, Kim L, Kris, Kymber, Lady Jane, Lady Katherine, Lady Lynn, Lana G, Laurie, Lidy, Linda, Lisa, Liz, Lynette, Lorri, Lynn, Lynne, Ma'dame French, Manuela, Margaret, Marina, Mary, Mary Lou, Mary Rose, Mary Ruth, Melissa M, Melissa W, Michelle, Mishelle, Miss Janice, Mojo, Neabar, Nicole, Pat, Rechelle, Rhondi, Riet, Ro, Rose, Sally, Sarah S, Sheila, Sheila W, Sherrie, Shirl, smilingsal, Stephanie, Sue, Sue D, Susan, Sweetie, Syndee, Tam, Tammy, tar devil, Teresa, Teri, Terri, Terrie, the Muse, Theresa, Valerie, Virginia, Wendy, Zoey

I appreciate all of the wonderful things you had to say! I hope you all will stop by again soon!

I host “Outdoor Wednesday”! Learn more about it HERE

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  1. I enjoyed this past week in Blogland too!

  2. I enjoyed blogging with you, Susan! You are a joy!


    Sheila :-)

  3. Oh Susan...Yes, yes...Sorry to be such a bozo! I was posting at 3 AM. I included Outdoor Wednesday and a link to your blog. That's exactly what I was hoping people would do...remind me to add things. Thanks so much!...Have a great rest of your weekend!...Debbie

  4. Hi Susan! Thanks for the nice welcome. I am glad you came by cause I found you too. I love your header and looks like I will have to come back here a lot to read about "How To's" which I need a lot now since I am so new at this. Thanks for posting them...Christine

  5. I am devoting this afternoon to blog organization thanks to you! I may need a glass of wine to get me through it ....

  6. GM Susan...well girl today is going to be my blog cleaning day..I have made time to try and do this..wish me luck that I don't lose everything I have already done..Thanks for all you do to help us..hope you have a safe and blessed day dear friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  7. I wish I could share something on outdoor Wed...all I've got is snow and lots of it *grumps*

    It was a nice week!


  8. You do such a wonderful job with your blog and keeping up with everyone. kudos!

  9. I'm new and just found your Blog. It is beautiful! I've signed on as a Follower, so I'll be back again.

  10. Susan, thanks for swinging in for a visit. I'm looking forward to seeing your changes. You have some beautiful things to work with. :-) have a super evening my friend. hugs ~lynne~

  11. Hi Susan.... I'd love to participate in your next "Outdoor Wednesday"... pl/add my name to your list... thanks


  12. Bless your heart.You are always so sweet.Fyi...I can't post about my yard.ha.Nobody would want to look.ha.My dh cuts it and thats about it...Ann


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