Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Welcome to “Outdoor Wednesday”

Outdoor Wednesday logoToday is the FIRST “Outdoor Wednesday”. What is “Outdoor Wednesday”?

Every Wednesday participants will be posting pictures of anything outdoor on their blog. It can be something outside of your home such as your porch, deck, patio, garden or lawn. Your photo can be outdoor shots of the beach, forest or mountains. (We don’t want to exclude anyone who might not have a yard). Or, you could simply post pictures of a favorite plant or flower. Only rule is it has to be outside!

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I went out in my backyard in search of some color. Spring is still a few months away….. but I found a little color……RED……

January 2009

The nandina domestica are green most of the year and then turn a beautiful read in the winter…….

nandina domestica

and behind the nandina, my camellias are starting to bud and bloom…..


I have been amazed and inspired by all the photos of the interiors of so many of your homes. I am looking forward to seeing the outside areas as well as photos from other outdoor places, especially with spring just around the corner.

Don’t forget to visit other Outdoor Wednesday participants by clicking on their links. Check back later to make certain you visit all the Outdoor Wednesday participants.

Here are this week’s participants:

UPDATE 1/15 midnight EST: “Mr... Linky” appears to be down (sorry for the inconvenience) …… so I am listing the links to this weeks participants in Outdoor Wednesday. I did not make note of the order they were in, so I have listed them alphabetically. Thank you to everyone who participated~ Susan

  1. Charlotte
  2. Ellen B
  3. Gloria
  4. Jeanne
  5. Judybug
  6. Katherinellen
  7. Kim
  8. Lisa
  9. Lynda
  10. Marsha
  11. Onceinabluemoon
  12. Sheila
  13. skoots1mom
  14. Tam
  15. Terrie
  16. the Muse
  17. Theresa
  18. Vicki


  1. I love Camellias. We had some beautiful pink ones when we lived in California. It's too hot here to even think about growing them. I'll be back tomorrow. I'm excited about this Wednesday thingy.

  2. thank you susan for hosting this, i hope i linked it right...

    i love nandina's color, but sadly so do the deer, it never gets taller then 2" after 15 years!

  3. Oh wow Susan, I can't believe you have camellias with buds that big !! What state do you live in ? We are having an artic blast here.Any buds here would surely get bit !

  4. Hi Susan. I am being a night owl tonite and thought I would get an early peek at Outdoor Wednesday which I hope to participate in next week (it is freeeeezing here and I think I have posted enough pictures of snow :-D )
    I think you are a doll for starting this idea. It is going to be so cool to see and learn about gardening in different regions. You have also done a lot of work on this and it is so appreciated. Have a great Wednesday!!!


  5. Hi susan,
    Your yard looks promising. While I'm in southern California I don't have a yard so my outdoor shots will be different. when I go back to my yard in Washington for a week in March I'll take some yard shots, too!! :0) Looking forward to checking out other outdoor shots...

  6. Hi, Susan, I love your pictures and all of the others I've seen. For some reason, I couldn't get Lynda's comment section to work. Tried several times. Thanks for doing this and all the best in having a fun new activity for us!


    Sheila :-)

  7. Great pictures Susan! I'll have to look for nandina this spring.

  8. Susan,
    Your bloom is beautiful....Can't wait till Spring...Can't wait to see your garden...Thanks for hosting the Outdoor Wednesday...Katherinllen

  9. red is my fav...and to see it in the deep of winter...gives me hope!

  10. Thank you Susan for hosting this I am up and running girl..did't have much but wanted to join in...hugs and smiles Gloria

  11. Susan,
    thank you for hosting Outdoor Wednesday. White = snow is the color in our yard right now.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday,

  12. Hello Susan...looks like you are off to a great start with Outdoor Wednesday...I'm hoping to join in down the road a bit when my yard has something worthy of photographing... In the meanwhile, I'll enjoy everyone else's...
    Thanks for doing this!;-) Bo

  13. very nice and how nice to have some blooms already, thanks for sharing.

  14. My header could serve as my outdoor shot, but I didn't get my act together to mention that in my post. Your outdoor is going to be something when the camellias bloom. Thanks for sharing.

  15. I love nandina too! They're lovely laden w/ berries. Wasn't able to post on Outdoor Wedenesday thsi week but I will enjoy seeing all of your's!

  16. Our weather was dreary this weekend so I didn't get a chance to get anything together - hopefully I'll join in next week.
    Your pics are great!!

  17. What a wonderful idea! I saw you were doing this at Shelia's. I would enjoy participating in the future.
    Georgia looks wonderful already starting to bloom, while we are all covered in glorious snow;)

  18. Susan, Thanks for hosting this. I am all ready to go. I hope I did it right. It's snowing here, again. I love the outdoors so this is perfect for me. Your Camellias are going to be so beautiful. I am excited to start seeing some gardens from warmer climates.

  19. Thank you Susan for hosting Outdoor Wednesdays! I look forward to joining in on a regular basis. I am a MN gardener with a short growing season so you never know what I'll have to show. I rushed through the post this am before heading off on an errand and I just added to it before I went to comment on yours and the others. If you looked at it earlier, it now shows a summer comparsion shot as well as the roads today.
    Again, thank you for hosting Outdoor Wednesdays!

  20. looks like you have a winner on your hands :)

  21. Beautiful! Love the little peeks of red in your yard! Are you bracing yourself for tomorrow night's blast??? Keep warm...Debbie

  22. Thank you for hosting this. It should be a lot of fun.

    Your yard looks lovely. Yes, yes, spring is around the corner. The flakes of snow that I see outside my window are going to melt very, very soon. Oh, I can't wait! I should have titled my blog,"Complaining Yankee, Lisa" or "Wannabe Southern Mom".

  23. just wanted to thank you again for hosting this, you may be new to blogging, but you have great ideas and loads of followers, you have a hit on your hands! poor me, i am not high speed and i can see as the weather warms my little computer will explode trying to see everyone's gardens! thanks again susan, fun idea~

  24. Hello Susan, I have joined the players for your outdoor event today. My computer was giving me problems but I am up now. LOL.

    I enjoyed your photos today and I can't wait to see your camellias in bloom. I love the waxy texture of those flowers. They almost look fake they are so perfect.


  25. Susan,
    Great post idea! I can't participate yet - because my yard kind of looks like my house - LOTS TO DO both inside and out to get it to the point that it is photo worthy. I can't wait to start planting though. In Washington you can't start planting until at least April or May. I am looking forward to a longer gardening season here in Georgia. Love your camellia bush! I can't wait to plant some of those in my yard!
    Thanks for the great tips on my bathroom paint color dilemma. I think that a warm brown would look good in there too. That is most likely the color I will go with.
    Take Care,

  26. Susan, I can't wait to see that camilia when it opens up. It's already a beauty. You're getting off to a great start with your Outdoor Wed. I'll try to participate some time. Now, I'm off to look at the others. laurie

  27. what a great idea for Wednesday.....I will have to look around in my yard for something pretty....I have to let you know...our little Mika sleeps with us...I just put her blanket down on the bed and that is where she sleeps...well sometimes...hehe....
    Mo ;-0

  28. Very pretty! :)
    I love to add vivid Reds to our landscaping. It always shows so well against a healthy Green lawn.
    I'm sure I participate in this event very soon. Thanks for hosting.
    ~Melissa :)

  29. I had such a good time taking pictures in my garden today! Thanks for the idea and the inspiration!

  30. Susan, I've tried to leave a comment on your beautiful tablescape and it wouldn't let me leave one..:-( I loved the rooster as a centerpiece and those rooster plates were screaming my name. :-) I would love to join in outdoor Wednesday at some point..but girl it's only 9 above here.. that would really be testing the blogging rules wouldn't it? lol
    hugs ~lynne~

  31. Hey Susan, I did link my post I just was a little late posting your button on my blog. I hope I did it right??? Check it out now.

  32. My camellia tree is loaded with buds! I can't wait for it to bloom!

  33. I can over to tour some of the outdoors space and I couldn't find the links. What happened to them??? Hugs, Terrie

  34. Sorry all..of course the FIRST time I use "Mr Linky" it goes down (disappears) along with the links.... I hope it will be up again soon. I have listed the participants alphabetically....

  35. Hello Susan,
    Please go to the following link for an award nomination for your lovely blog.

  36. Thank-you, Susan. I am sorry you had to go to so much work. Hugs, Terrie


  38. susan,tag you're it,come get the rules,please...ann

  39. oh darn it! Today is Thursday. I'll participate next Wed.
    so many beautiful posts/pictures. I love them.

  40. Sherrlyn of http://www.lovesimplyhappens.blogspot.com says. . . What a beautiful site. This is much needed on such a dreary foggy day such as today.


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