Monday, December 29, 2008

Tablescape Tuesday

All the Christmas decorations have been put away… and the house seems bare. I was going to do the kitchen table this week but one of my sons decided to have friends over to eat pizza and play cards. Looks like we will have to see what is going on in the dining room!

Let’s go into the dining room and find a place to sit down and join me in Tablescape Tuesday hosted by Susan and her blog Between Naps on the Porch.


There’s a place set just for you! Today we are using white linen napkins and Towle King Richard sterling.


Look at the detail! I have had it stored in a box for over 20 years. I finally decided to drag it out and use it. (What am I saving it for?)

King Richard detail

The bowl is a cream soup bowl in a pattern by Spode called Jewel. My first husband’s maternal grandmother gave me her entire set of Spode Jewel in the early 1980s after she saw my eyes light up when I saw the bowls in the set. (Don’t worry, she had more than one set of china)

Spode Jewel cream soup bowl

The salad plate is Asiatic Pheasant- Blue by Johnson Brothers. I picked up a few of those for a few dollars a piece at Marshalls (blue/white dishes and a good price, how could I NOT get them?)

Johnson Bros salad plate

It is a really pretty pattern! I wouldn’t mind a few more pieces!

Johnson Bros Asiatic Pheasant- Blue

And the dinner plate is Spode Jewel

Spode Jewel dinner plate

Here is a better picture of the detail

Spode Jewel dinner plate detail

and finally, the stemware…. a basic clear glass…and a glass with blue and white flowers! These were one of the items my sweet husband gave me for Christmas! He knew I liked dishes and blue/white….and I had mentioned looking for cobalt blue glasses…. so he was thrilled when he found these!

(Come on, say it….”awwww”)


and peeking from behind the glasses is the Spode Jewel tureen with lid…… It is a real Jewel (to me!)

Spode Jewel tureen

Thanks for stopping by and visiting my Tablescape Tuesday and don't forget to visit Susan's blog Between Naps on the Porch to see more wonderful table settings!

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  1. ~Beautiful job Susan!
    Love your new stemwear.
    He's a really good shopper. ;)

  2. Hello Susan! Oh how I love this table you have set. I'm so glad you finally pulled out that gorgeous sterling. The Stemware is great. The spode detail is beautiful. Enjoy...and a very Happy New Year to you and yours.

  3. Ohmygosh your tablescape is so beautiful! The blue and white and silver--all so very elegant!

  4. Susan, this is such a pretty tablescape. Of course, any blue and white china catches my eye and makes me sigh. Love your new stemware. I think I'll show my husband this posting. Maybe he'll get the idea that I might like a gift like that. laurie

  5. Thank you for showing the detail on the white plates! Just gorgeous. This is a wonderful tablescape!

  6. The blue and white dish is just perfect with Spode Jewel--oh, Ebay, here I come. Susan, I am so happy you opened the silver chest. Tablescape Tuesdays have finally inspired me to start unpacking my china and goodies, and now I'm thinking of taking over the basement bookshelves to store my booty. LOL

    Regarding the end of year picture, Little Gollum stole my bandwith, and I had to use photos already in Flickr. Booooo!!! Poor Mister. And he looks so cute with his new hair-do.

  7. This is beautiful Susan! Now I'm on the hunt for Spode's Jewel. ☺ Diane

  8. Susan,
    Stunning as usual! I LOVE the Spode Jewel pieces - Such detail!

    I haven't taken down my Christmas decorations yet - I usually do that on New Years Day. I bet it feels good to have it done though - it is my least favorite thing to do. The house DOES feel bare after everything is down.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful table.
    Take care,

  9. Hi Susan...This tablescape is beautiful...I'm learning so much from you talented ladies. You are very lucky to have the Spode china in that fabulous pattern. Happy New Year, ;-) Bo

  10. Susan, this is beautiful! I love, love, love the Spode Jewel pieces.....ahhh!
    And "awww", isn't it nice to have a hubby who pays attention and seeks out gifts we really love?! We are blessed!

  11. Oh...and I LOVE the silver flatware...can't believe you had it hidden away for 20 years!!! It is gorgeous!

  12. Susan your table is beautiful. I love the detail on your white spode, it looks like lace !
    Thank you sweet Susan for the prayers, they mean more to me than you will ever know.

  13. Your table looks wonderful..I love your delicate white china..the pattern is lovely! I really should get me some chargers..I love the look they add to the place setting.
    Happy New Year!

  14. Yep, life's too short to keep the sterling put up! ;o)

    Loved your table Susan & I am suffering some majorly, sinful coveting over those bowls. They're gorgeous!

  15. Okay...I'm going to say it right off the bat...AWWWW! What a sweet hubby you have to go out and find exactly what you wanted. SWEET!!!! Your table is beautiful and I'm getting more and more into this Tablescape thing--checking out everyone's wonderful creativity and beautiful pretties. I live by myself so I don't frequently set a fancy table but I'm thinking..WHY NOT??? It's pretty, I would enjoy it....and gosh darn it...I DESERVE IT!!!! LOL!!!!

  16. Oh Suasn,as usual everything is gorgeaou.But that tureen is awesome.Yes,use all you have.What are --------we saving these things for?Happy new Year pretty lady...Ann

  17. Well, the first post just disappeared...I love your table girl.. just can't go wrong with blue in my book. I'm so glad you've taken your treasures out to enjoy instead of hiding them away.. They are truly beautiful. I'm off to find some Jewel Spode...hugs ~lynne~

  18. Wow! Love that tureen! Everything's so pretty. I don't think I could do a tablescape to save my life.

    Is this meme done EVERY Tuesday?

  19. Everything is beautiful!

  20. The Spode dishes are beautiful! I love how you put everything together!

  21. Glad to see you are using your beautiful dishes! Happy New Year!

  22. I love EVERYTHING on your table! My favorite would have to the those bowls..perfect size with little can't find those anymore! Spode- you can never go wrong.

  23. Oh my!!! That Spode pattern is wonderful. The dishes of my dreams! What are my chances of finding a set at the thrift store??? The whole table looks great. Sally

  24. This is my first visit to your blog and I'm glad to be here. Your table looks beautiful! Michelle

  25. Hi Susan! Boy, you have really got my attention today. It just doesn't get any better than blue & white to me!! I have several sets of Spode, but have never heard of the Jewel pattern. Oh my, it is such classic elegance! I love it. My new favorite! I've always loved your sterling pattern. Yes, use it often!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  26. Hi Susan

    Love your Blog!

    Your table is beautiful, you can never go wrong with blue and white. Have never seen the Jewel Spode, now I will have to find some.

    Your husband is sweet, and he is a great Christmas shopper too!

    Happy New Year!

  27. Love the blue and white! I was blueand white today, as well. But not so formal! Love your composition and the overall look! Beautiful!!

  28. Hello! Your table came out lovely! The spode dishes are beautiful as are the blue & white ones. And don't you love it when the husband gets it right?! and I did say "awww!" Looks really pretty and I think I need to do something like this to chase away the Christmas-is-over-what-do-we-do-now?-doldrums! Thanks for the inspiration! ~ Laurie

  29. Oh Susan this is just your new stem wear..and you can'y go wrong any time with blue and all just so pretty..I added you to my blog list..thanks so much for sharing this awesome table..hugs and smiles Gloria

  30. Oh my, I'm drooling.... love love your lucious creamy Spode Jewel dishes... just lovely!

    Wishing you and yours a blessed and joy-filled New Year!


  31. Beautiful table, love the layers of plates , the blue and white transferware is pretty!

  32. Wow - I am impressed all of the decorations are put away - I am tackling that job tomorrow. Not looking forward to it, although, I did not pull out as much this year as I was not entertaining anyone, not even family!

    Every year I have a resolution to have a family dinner in the dining room with all of the fine china. It never happens. I need to try it once...then maybe it will become easier!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  33. Hi Susan,
    Sorry about the link mix up. I think I'll get everyone to start sending me their exact links....that should help me get the right one posted each week. Love your blue and white table...the Spode Jewel is beautiful! What a lucky girl you are that your husband has such a wonderful grandmother to give up that beautiful china! Love your silver pattern,'s the one I chose as a bride to be...will always be my fav. :-) Susan

  34. Love, love, love your dinnerware! Blue and White are classics! I love Spode! Great job! Love the white accents. Soup bowls are lovely. Can't wait to see more of your talent next Tuesday! Happy New Year!

  35. Susan!

    I am in LOVE with this tablescape!!! Blue and white is the best, and I love the silver and all of the dish selections! You outdid yourself with this. Just love every single piece of it! The pattern design on that blue and white is wonderful, and I love all the lacy detail on that white plate! They are truly divine.



    Sheila :-)

  36. Just arrived back home and dove head long into tablescape blogs...And I am so glad I did!
    Lovely :) Design, simply lovely!
    I have an affinity for blue and white, so you captured me right away~the tureen is marvelous!!!
    It has been a pleasure :)

  37. Hi Susan,

    Thank you for visiting my first tablescape.

    My Goodness! Your Spode dishes make me feel all warm and fuzzy! (LOL) Your Blue & White dishes are lovely! I love the pattern!

    The glasses that your Husband got for you are awesome!

    Ok... your Tureen speaks to me... in French! (LOL)

    Your tablescape is stunning!

    Donna Marie

  38. you table is beautiful -I've never seen Jewel before - but I think I might need to get it!!!! I love it!!

    thanks so much for your comment today.

  39. Hey Susan; What a lovely table scape. I just love the blue and white, the white dishes have such a gorgeous detail on it. I love it all.

    Happy New Year


  40. I love blue and white, and that Spode is fabulous! Beautiful table scape... and I'm with others... looking for that china!

  41. Hi Susan! There is something about blue and white plates that is so special. They are classic and never goes out of style. I love your creamy while dinnerware too especially that tureen. Sooo graciously lovely! And your flatware pattern....gorgeous! Thank you for sharing this beautiful tablescape.Happy New Year!...Christine

  42. Hi Susan! I love your taste in dishes! : )
    I have the Johnson Bro pattern and use them everyday. The Spode is beautiful too. My Spode is the Buttercup pattern.

    Your table scape makes a great header!

    Very pretty!

  43. I certainly understand why you chose a photo from this tablescape as your blog header photo...cuz it's stunning! This is just so attractive, with a simple elegance! Great job. Happy New Year to you.

  44. Susan, great tablescape, one of my fav dishes, you have too, the blue and white Johnson Brothers, I have bought mine at the TJ Maxes and an (beleive it or not Waterford Outlet), they are just so pretty.


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