Friday, December 19, 2008

Decorated for Christmas: the Master Bedroom

At the end of the day when I head to bed, I am greeted with a wreath on the bedroom door......

wreath on MBR door

and inside, another Christmas tree! (How many of you have figured out I have a least one tree, of some sort, in every room?)

tree in master bedroom

A closer look at some of the ornaments on the tree

closeup of master bedroom tree

I love the mask with feathers. Most of the ornaments on this tree are gold,copper, and bronze. On top of the tree is one of my many angel tree toppers.

master bedroom tree topper

There is a garland and wreath over the bed.

wreath over bed in MBR 

Two nutcrackers flank the television

entertainment cnter in MBR

And on top of the entertainment center....three reindeer keep an eye on things....

top of entertainment center inmBR

Christmas decorations everywhere....and there is more!

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  1. This glorious decorating is all in your master bedroom??? This is the most beautiful bedroom ever! I am loving those colors too... ;-) Bo

  2. Susan, I love your decoratons. You inspired me to do my banister. I'll put it up on my blog a bit. YOu certainly have a flair for beauty! Merry Christmas, sweetie!

  3. Susan, good morning. We just our lights back from the ice last night. So, I'm glad to be able communicate this a.m. :-) I love your bedroom.. it is over the top gorgeous. Can't wait for you to see the diningroom.. stay tuned lol.. Hope you're having a super day..
    hugs ~lynne~

  4. Susan,
    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who puts a tree in virtually every room of the house! Just lovely!

  5. Susan, your home is so amazing! It's full of Christmas and wonder. I love your fireplace mantel, everything is beautiful.

    Christmas Blessings,
    Kathi :)

  6. oohhhh, aaaaahhhhhh,uuuuummmmmm, oooohhhh, aaaahhhhh, I could go on all day!!



  7. Susan,
    How romantic to have a tree in your bedroom! I have tried to talk my hubby into letting me put one in ours for years. It sounds so cozy and romantic to lay back in the evenings basking in the glow of the tree lights twinkling...
    I am going to show him your beautiful sanctuary - maybe he'll change his mind :)
    Simply Beautiful!

  8. Lovely! I think its great you can decorate the whole room. Right now I just have two trees in the bedroom.

  9. I love these decorations! They are so rich looking! Just beautiful!

  10. How pretty! I love those amber ornaments and the swag above your bed is beautiful!



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