Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holiday Evaluation- How did it go?

christmas-holly-thumb165544 Grab a piece of paper and write down the following:

  • Best things about this Christmas
  • Special event(s) this year want to do again
  • Worst thing that happened this year
  • Anything eliminated to make Christmas less hectic/more meaningful?
  • Ways could have been better prepared
  • Put off, I wish I hadn’t
  • Christmas Eve what I wanted it to be?
  • Christmas Day ?
  • Open House/Family party?
  • Decorating?
  • Un-decorating?
  • Needs changing?

If you take a few minutes to reflect over what happened and what you wished you had done, you will have a head start on next year!

I do this every year….and it helps to make next year better!

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  1. Hi Susan...More great ideas from you...thanks! Today starts the UN-decorating at my house...ugh... ;-) Bo

  2. Hi Susan, thanks for swinging by Pink Saturday. These are wonderful ideas.. always nice to reflect and then move forward..I hope you're having a terrific day...hugs ~lynne~

  3. The one thing I want to do differently is the Christmas party I had a couple of years ago. We invited friends who stayed in town over Christmas to come to our house Christmas day in the evening to hang out by the fire pit, enjoy some snacks and beverages, play video games (the kids, I mean) and just revel in the fact that there's nothing else to do that evening.

    Which means I have to get my Mother-in-law to accept that we're not coming up to her house every year.

  4. Hi, Susan, thanks for stopping by! I'm really impressed with how you keep up with your Christmas decor. I'm not nearly that organized. I'm about to start taking mine down today, I think I need a couple more plastic bins! HOpe you have a wonderful New Years & come back & see me again!

  5. Hi Susan. I like all your ideas. I started separating my decorations by rooms a couple of years ago. I don't write everything down...but it makes decorating so much easier. Especially the trees....because those are a day on their own.
    Thanks for stopping by. I took time to go back through all your posts. You have some beautiful decorations. Have a great New Year!

  6. ARGGH! Is it over?!


    Thanks for the great idea. I will probably do this after new years. One thing that I do think I will do is throw away what I didn't use this year and organize my gift wrapping stuff! What a mess!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  7. Another great idea! Keep em coming -

    Thanks for stopping by to say hi. I always enjoy your sweet comments.

    Have a great weekend and blessings to you,

  8. You have the best ideas! I wish I had by-passed the Thanksgiving decorations & started Christmas a few weeks sooner! It took forever to put it all out & with Thanksgiving late in Nov, I didn't enjoy Christmas as long as I'd like. My time management skills need tweaking too! Please keep all those great ideas coming! I need all the help I can get!

    So far, I'm generically putting similar items together. I'll "fine tune" things as I get further along.

    I found a few things for our great niece for next Xmas. I'll put them in a separate box before I store it all. (Madison decorated for Halloween for the first time. She's Martha Stewart Jr and just had her 5th birthday a couple of weeks ago. I was so tickled over her Halloween decorations, that I asked her mom if she could have a small tree and decorations for her room. I gave her a tree, a ton of Hallmark ornaments - I went through my Barbie & Mdm Alexander ornaments, a snowman, & miscellaneous things. I'm jazzed!) ☺


  9. This is a wonderful idea! I will do this for sure. Thanks very much. :)

  10. Great idea to review and evaluate the Christmas season, so that next year can be even better.

  11. Hi Susan....You are SO organized....awesome! I love you blog and wanted to borrow your "Holiday Evaluation" for my blog..I'll give you a shout out and all the credit but I think the questions are thought provoking. Have a blessed day!

  12. Thanks for the comment - yes, the antique Swedish furniture is not very comfortable for lounging around - it's more for when you want to sit up straight and admire it! haha!!! maybe it's better to mix some old and some new furniture when going Swedish.

    thanks again so much - and happy new years to you and yours

  13. I really wished I would have started some projects earlier since I didn't get around to making quite a few things I had planned. But you never know if you're going to be in the mood!


  14. This Christmas was farrr different from any others, for many, many reasons. And I let many of my traditions, habits & normal way of doing things, fall by the wayside.

    The theme for this season was gratitude & thankfulness for loved ones. Next year, I hope to be back to baking & wrapping & over-spending & all the hoopla that usually accompanies Christmas but regardless, I plan on continuing this year's theme from year to year. ;o)

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Thanks so much for the vintage "Twas the Night Before Christmas" images!


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