Monday, December 15, 2008

Dining Room Decorated for Christmas

One of my favorite pieces that I cross-stitched hangs in the dining room at Christmas. It took probably 100 hours or more to stitch, but I enjoyed working on it.

santa cross stitch

You can see the needlework hanging to the left of the windows. This Christmas, the dining room has three trees. First there is the angel tree

angel tree

where you will find the other fairy Judith sent me.

Fairy in tree2

The other two trees are full of family photos.... and two of my favorite trees.


Pictures of my husband, children, parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and even great great grandparents dating back to the 1870s are on these two trees.

family tree

I also have many of my husband's family on the trees, but I am adding more each year (he comes from a rather large family)

There is a garland over the window

garland over the window

and three Santa dressed in white on the sideboard

sideboard santas

and there is garland over the sideboard. You can see into the kitchen through the pass-through.....

sideboard with view into kitchen

but we'll save the kitchen photos for another day!

Thanks for stopping by my dining room!


  1. So pretty - love the Santas & the ornaments!

  2. WOW! Susan you have wonderful taste. I love your family tree!

  3. Decorating,gardening,cooking and the name Susan Wow we have a lot in common!
    Do you like horses too?
    You Christmas decorations are wonderful and the table scape is BEAUTIFUL!!! love love love the center piece
    come by some time

  4. How elegant - and as a fellow-stitcher, I just LOVE your cross stitch Santa. Thank you for having me over; Merry Christmas!
    another Susan

  5. Gorgeous! So festive and sparkly. You can come decorate my house now. Seriously.

    Merry Christmas!

  6. Hi...I had to comment on the beautiful cross-stitch is fabulous! ;-) Bo

  7. Hi Susan! It's so nice to meet you! Oh, your dining room is gorgoues! I'm thrilled to see your picture trees. Are those little frames you're using to put the photos in? I love this.
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia :)

  8. Beautiful trees and decorations. You have a lovely Christmasy home.

  9. Hi Susan! How did I miss this when I was here for Tablescape Tuesday? Anyways I love the cross stitched Santa and Angels. And I'm blown away by your centerpiece with the little fairy place in there. I want to say beautiful again. Deb

  10. Your diningroom is incredible.. Your cross stitched Santa is just beautiful. Your trees with family photos on them sure moved me. What a wonderful idea. What a wonderful to display family photos and have their presence with you through the holidays..hugs ~lynne~

  11. Ohhh so lovely! And so talented! And that white fairey is sooooooo pretty! Welcome!

  12. Everything is stunning! What a wonderful idea to have those photo trees. Your stitchery is lovely. You must be a very patient person to spend that long on it! The end product was worth it though.

  13. Oh what a beautiful display of Christmas in your home and I love the previous blog with that gorgeous centerpiece- I will be back!

  14. Love your family photos on the tree.

  15. So glad you dropped by! What a beautifully decorated home you have. Your dining table is just gorgeous!

  16. Hi Susan~
    Thanks for stopping by!
    I'm a little behind on my blog visiting!
    Your holiday decor is lovely! How many trees do you put up? They're so pretty!
    Merry Christmas!

  17. This is my favorite room so far. I just love everything! The cross-stitch is STUNNING!


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