Sunday, April 26, 2009

4/26 A Southern Daydreamer Week in Review

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We had 72 participants in Outdoor Wednesday this week! I want to thank again the following for posting (clicking on their name will take you to their  Outdoor Wednesday post): Barb, Gina, Amy, Lisa S., Curtiss Ann, Tink, Sandi, Kathy b, ellen b, Becky, Lisa, Judy Bug, Sunnymama, Sue, Tam,
Sue, Pat, margaret, amy, Linderhof, Karen, Christine,   Carrie, Charla, Stacey, Marsha, Cielo, Kim, Jo, Kathleen M, Carrie, Fifi, Chandy,   BethSofia, Debbykay, Linnea, Chris Cand Jon J, Alfazema, Cross RoadsPicketBeverlyJeanneSally , sylvia, Pam, Marsha, ElisabethAngie
Joyce, Kim, Jeanne, Laura, Mama Bear, Cyndi, Scribbler, Crystal, Joyce, Kay C, Florida Sue. KimkilllashandraChristi, Vikki, blueeyedtango, Ashley, Susan, Kathleen, Suzy,
Twirland Taste, Mamapippa, Lenie


Comment Questions Answered: (no questions this week!)

I enjoyed reading all the comments left by everyone. It is very humbling to get compliments from the bloggers whom I have admired for a long time and who are the inspiration behind me finally starting my very own blog!

A Southern Daydreamer Visitors: Thank you to all  the visitors who left wonderful comments this week: Allison, Amy, Ann, Anne, Annie, Marie, Ashley, Barb, Becky K, Beth, Beverly, Bobbi Jo, Bonita, Caren, Carrie, Cass, Chandy, Charli, Chasity, Christina, Cielo, Cindy, Crystal, Curtiss Ann, Cyndi, Cynthia, Deanna, Debbie, Dot, Dru, Elisabeth, Ellen, Fifi, ForTheSakeOfTime, Gina, Glenda, Helene, Jane, Janie, Jeanne, Joyce, Judanna, Justine, Karen, Kathleen, Kathy, Kathy B, KayC, Killashandra, Kim, Knitty, Laura, Laurie, Lenie, Linda, Linda/Mom, Lisa, Lisa S, Luanne, MamaZen, Marsha, Martha, Marty, Melissa M, Mimi, Missy, Molly, Nihal, Pat, Paula, Rechelle, Roberta Anne, Robin, Robyn, Sally, Sandra, Sara D, Sandi, Sheila, Stacey, Sue, SunnyMama, Susan, Susan Q, Teresa, Terri, Terry, theMuse, Toni, Vikki, Yira, Zaroga, Zoey

I appreciate all of the wonderful things you had to say! I hope you all will stop by again soon!


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  1. So glad you are feeling better .... now we need to have the rest of your family on the "all better" list! Take care Susan ....

  2. Hi Susan
    I hope your inlaws are feeling better. Thats way too much going on..*Hugs*. Be sure to take care of you....take time to rest.
    I hope this is a better day...

  3. Hi Susan! Hope you're feeling better now. Congratulations on winning the sweet tea pretties from Lady Katherine! ☺♥☺ Diane

  4. Susan, stop by Linderhof, I have something for you.

  5. It was my pleasure to visit you, Susan!




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