Saturday, April 18, 2009

4/19 A Southern Daydreamer Week in Review

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We had 73 participants in Outdoor Wednesday this week! I want to thank again the following for posting (clicking on their name will take you to their Outdoor Wednesday post):  Jo, the wild raspberry. Lisa, TamMary, kathy b, Kim, Crystal,SusanJadehollow, Charlene, Maryrose, Gina, Linderhof, Cielo,   carolinajewel, Christine, Becky, Leigh, Barb, ellen b, Donna, Shirley, Marsha, Pat, Kammy, Carrie, The Old Post Road, Cathy, Kathy, Carrie, Sunnymama, Valerie, Libby, Karen, Victorian Gourmet, Lisa S., Maya, Kim, Helen, Sherri, Elizabeth, Chandy, laurie, Mumzie, Fifi, sylvia, Marja, Joyce, Alfazema, Sarah, Picket, Karen, Janie, Judy Bug, Pam, Cathy, Jeanne, Tanya, Tiney's, Amy, Debbykay, Mandy, Kay C., SallyTink, Kathleen M, Ashley, Susan, Kim, christy, Beth, Lady Katherine


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I enjoyed reading all the comments left by everyone. It is very humbling to get compliments from the bloggers whom I have admired for a long time and who are the inspiration behind me finally starting my very own blog!

A Southern Daydreamer Visitors: Thank you to all  the visitors who left wonderful comments this week: Abby, Alice, Allison, Amy, Ann, Annie, Barb, Bobbi Jo, Carlotta, Carrie, Cath, Cathy, Chandy, Charlene, Chasity, Christine, Cielo, Cindy, Claudia, Claudie, Crystal, Curtiss Ann, Cynthia, Deb, Debbie, Diane W, Donna, Dot, Elizabeth, Ellen B, Es, Fifi, Gabriela, Gina, Glenda, Gloria, Gollum, Helen, Jane, Janie, Jeanne, Jennifer, Jewel, Joyce, Judi, JudyBug, Justine, Kammy, Karen, Kate, Kathy, Kathy B, KayC, Kay Ellen, Kelly, Kim, Knitty, Lady Katherine, Laurie, Linda, Lisa, Lisa S, Margaret, Marjorie, Marsha, Martha, Mary, Mary Rose,Maya, Monica, Mrs DD, Nancy, Pat, Paula, Rechelle,  Roberta Anne, Rosemarie, Sally, Sandi, Sara D, Sarah, Sheila, Sherri, Stephanie, Sue, SunnyMama, Susan, Sweetie, Syndee, Tam, Tanya, Tea, Terri, Terry,theOldPostRoad, Tink, Toni, Tricia, Valerie,

I appreciate all of the wonderful things you had to say! I hope you all will stop by again soon!


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  1. I really enjoy your post. I am a reader and have a book going at all times. I read when I eat, let's jus say that I pick my book up any time my hands are idle. I had rather read than watch tv. Have a blessed day. ^j^

  2. Ooh, I wanna go see what you're reading!

    Justine :o )

  3. i'm afraid i'm a tv girl.FOR SHAME.ha.sorry,but i'll be here for everything else.
    i wanted to tell fingers have hit,"whatever"2 more times.and widened my monitor screen.but because of my sweet,pretty,smart friend,i can fix it myself.thank you dear,so much...ann

  4. Hello Susan, now that I'm done with school for the summer, I can devote time for some reading!

  5. OK I am going to stick to my reading one way or the other. It seems lately I have to read certain pages over and over because I keep falling asleep. However, I am getting back in the habit which means after the kids go to bed I immediately crave my book and my cozy corner. I think I need to sit in a corner that's not so cozy for a little while so I can finish the first book in my list. Thanks for starting this, you got me started again and I'm glad to be reading something other than recipe cards and emails :-)


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