Friday, March 4, 2011

Updated Georgia Bloggers List

Shortly after I started my blog….. I created the Georgia Friends Award for my fellow Georgia bloggers…. Look at all the bloggers who have stopped by and said “Hi”!
Georgia Friends Award
If you are a blogger from Georgia……
  1. Leave a Comment below so I can add you to the list!
  2. Put the award on your blog or post.
  3. Pass it along to to other Georgia bloggers
  4. Ask them to stop by my blog and say hello (so I can add them to the list too!)
Georgia Blogger Friends
Note: I keep an updated list of Georgia Bloggers who visit my blog HERE

Removed from list (link no longer good)

  • Ally’s Corner (Ally)
  • Another Day Today (Lisa)
  • God, Do you hear this Southern Girl Rambling? (Reynie)
  • Happy at Home (Kathy)
  • Hollyberry House (Mildred)
  • LaLaLadys Lovelies (Laura)
  • Life on a Southern Farm (Pam)
  • My Hands, His Glory (skoots1mom)
  • Olive Rue (Crystal)
  • Sow it Grows (Birdie and Tom)
  • Southern Fried Cupcakes (Kelly)
  • Southern Suburbs & My 4 Boys (Yummy Boy Mummy)
  • Tabbikat's Creations (Tricia)


  1. I'm so happy to be a Georgia Blogger, please add me.


  2. Hi Susan,

    Here's another Happy Georgia Blogger!!

    You can find me here at:
    "Art of Mine"

    Blessings to All,


  3. Hi Susan, thanks for such a great list of Georgia Bloggers..I am going to visit some of them..hugs,

  4. Thank you Miss Susan for keeping up with all of us Georgia peaches.. Speaking of peaches is anyone doing the Peaches to Beaches Highway 341 yard sales next weekend? Perry, Georgia here we come.. hugs from Savannah, Cherry

  5. I'm another GA blogger! Please add me! I'll be checking out the rest of our GA bloggers!
    Robin :)

  6. Miss Susan I wanted to let you know I just shared this on my blog. Have a great weekend.
    hugs from Savannah, Cherry

  7. Hi Susan! So Nice To Have Found You! My Dear Friend (Who Is Also From Georgia) Sent Me Over. What A Beautiful Idea To Have Created A Button To Help Us All Find One Another. I'll Be Placing It In My Side Bar As Soon As I Leave. I Also Joined You As A "Follower" Today And Promise To Visit Often. What A Lovely Site You Have Here! Have A Wonderful Weekend. Hugs From Bonaire, Georgia. Right Outside Of Macon!..

  8. Thank you Susan - this is always nice to visit!

  9. Thank you for keeping this list for us peaches!
    hugs from Cochran!

  10. Hi Susan,
    A GA blogger friend of mine, Susan McDowell, told me about your GA blogger list...Yea! what a great idea. My blog is: A Creative Life

    I will post/add the award to my blog real soon.

  11. Gosh there are a lot of us - aren't there? A lot of nice people and I am sure other states are the same. Thanks for doing this for us.


  12. Hi Susan, what a great idea to gather Georgia Bloggers. I've been looking for other Georgia Girls (and Guys). Thanks


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