Tuesday, November 30, 2010

12/1 Outdoor Wednesday # 99


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Starting around Thanksgiving…. and going through the end of December…. I am going to include/encourage everyone to share their outdoor AND indoor Christmas decorations for Outdoor Wednesdays.

Greenery in the form of trees, wreaths and garland are from outside…… and they are inside for the holidays… yes, I am stretching the definition of Outdoor Wednesday…. but I can!!!

Other Outdoor photos are welcome (as usual).


Time to share some Christmas decorations! Today I will share the living room decorations…

The boxes… oh my…. my kids brought ALL the boxes down… but then I had to empty them and decorate each room!


and the after…. of the living room….

Living room


A closer look at the living room… from the front door….


some of my nutcrackers….


the fireplace…..


the Santa tree and china cabinet…


a closer look into the china cabinet….


Santa and Mrs Claus….


and into the dining room…


next week… a closer look at the dining room….

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  1. Great Christmas decorations, I especially like the fire place.

  2. Wow you have done an gorgeous job. Love santa and mrs clause and all of your different trees. The fireplace is so amazing.

  3. Your house looks gorgeous!!!Looking forward to decorating this weekend. :) Have a great week

  4. Wow, your hourse really looks great for Christmas, love it!

  5. I hope I haven't spoiled your party with my gross post!!! It's funny but major yucky!

    Your house looks gorgeous!

  6. Your house looks absolutely gorgeous! La

  7. Your home looks beautiful in all its Christmas finery! I've taken the simple approach to decorating this year.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  8. Now that is some major Christmas decorating. Wow. I love it. I hope to get started this weekend.

  9. Looks lovely - I am still unpacking boxes.

  10. The decorations are gorgeous and so festive. I forgot we could post decorations.

  11. wow..am quite impressed with your Christmas decorations. I'll be posting some on my next entry. have a good week!

  12. Oh, wow!!!! Love all your pretty Christmas trees!!! I'm envious of all your lighted garlands....I have so few electrical outlets that I have nowhere to plug in lights except in a few places.

  13. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous, Susan!! Love the Santa tree and all the nutcrackers, too. THe mantel is heavenly!!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  14. We have only just begun to decorate here. Your decorations are just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!!

  15. I forgot that Xmas decor is OK, so I posted a second entry. Actually, it's outdoors, too, and very Christmassy: http://www.artsquadgraphics.com/blog/2010/11/30/red-berries/

  16. Your home looks absolutely lovely. Don't you just love the holidays?
    Joyce M

  17. Wow! It looks like Santa's home. And I should know because I was born in Finland where the real Santa lives :)

  18. Beautiful!! Your boys should be warned tho, those Nutcrackers...well, they really go for the nuts y'know!! ]kidding[

  19. Susan,
    it all looks wonderful, you've decorated every room so beautifully and so FAST!!

  20. Wonderful decorations. Thanks for hosting. This is my first link up.
    Bavarian Christmas linky party is now open-won’t you come and join us at http://dobermans-by-the-sea.blogspot.com/2010/11/1st-christmas-linky-party-at-dobermans.html and while you are there join the give-a-way going on.

  21. Every thing looks so lovely. I love the blue vase with the festive flowers in it.

  22. My goodness you own so many Christmas decorations. It must have taken you hours to decorate your home. :)

  23. Wow, you really have a Christmas Wonderland there! What a lot of work - but it looks lovely. We haven't started decorating for the holidays yet - I'm running a little slow this year for some reason. Think I tried to hold onto summertime a little too long!

  24. I now saw that my link in the list of participants goes to wrong post, it should be http://utomhusliv.blogspot.com/2010/12/naturlig-jul.html (like in my comment here). Sorry! Is it possible to change it?

    My blog name Utomhusliv means Outdoor living, so Outdoor Wednesday is a perfect place to participate :)

  25. Oh, my! Your house is gorgeous! Guess I'll have to do mine this coming weekend!

  26. Wow what a festive transformation. Everything looks just gorgeous. It makes me want my old house back with a fireplace or find a way to put one in at this house :)

    Have a great day.

  27. Wow! You've done a beautiful job! I wish I had my boxes down and you were over for a visit...it looks like you do 'fast' work;0)
    Thanks for sharing and hosting.

  28. I was wondering, as I did my post, if you would be doing inside decorations this year as in years past..I'm glad you do that...You have a lot of boxes..I am trying to figure a way to have more convenient packaging because I keep all of my decorations in one closet and am forever dragging all of them out to get to the holiday I need at the moment.
    I love the theme trees you do...how many trees total do you put up and do you have any help.
    Mama Bear

  29. So gorgeous Susan! I'm jealous lol

  30. Oh My Gosh you do have a lot of decorations also. My family thinks I have a lot. But I love it all I know you do also. I am still working on my decorations. I sure enjoyed your pictures.


  31. OMGoodness!...this looks amazing!...it REALLY is beginning to look alot like Christmas!

  32. Wow!! It looks like you're all ready for Christmas...we got the totes down...now for the fun!! Your house looks so festive!!

  33. What fantastic decorations. You house looks at those featured in House and Garden magazines.

  34. Oh wow Susan! I LOVE the trees in the dining room windows -- and am looking forward to next weeks' closer peek.
    The fireplace is stunning -- how do you get the loops and swoops of greens and beads so EVEN? Mine always turn out lopsided!
    thanks for hosting... Cass

  35. OMG What a fantastic xmas deco!

    I love it!


  36. Oh you have so many beautiful things! Isn't it amazing that all those boxes can turn into something so beautiful!

  37. Love all you have done to decorate. I am just getting started and look forward to having all the boxes unpacked. I pack up everything that isn't christmas for Dec and January. It's fun too have something different to look at. Debbie

  38. What a transformation from the boxes to the WOW! Your home looks amazing!


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