Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1/6 Outdoor Wednesday # 52

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This week we have a chance of snow in Georgia! We don’t get snow often here….. but it is pretty when it falls….

Unless it takes the trees down…….

I hope we get enough to make a snowman!

These photos are from previous years….. I hope we get a little this year! Don’t worry, I’ll share photos here when (if) we do~

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  1. It is fun to be surprised by snow! Enjoy your winter Susan. Love the snowman :0)

  2. Susan .. I know a certain teenager that is dying for it to snow again.. last years snow was so much fun .. this time we're gonna be like pros lol. Have an awesome week!

  3. I think you will get snow soon, Susan. It does not snow here either but it did a little bit yesterday and it has been very cold. Happy new year!...Christine

  4. On Facebook one of my status updates was that you can tell a true Southerner by the way we will build a snowman when there is even 1/4 inch of snow! Love it when snow is a major event! We've had some here in Arkansas and I'm ready for some warmer weather.

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  5. It's been terribly cold here, and they are talking about possible "winter precipitation" as they say. Hope you get the snow you're wishing for. Better yet, if we get it, I'll send it to you! Kathy

  6. I seems awfully cold in the south right now. It is looking like snow for you. Stay cozy and I hope you don't have to drive in it.

    Kathy b

  7. I saw on the news tonight a fountain in Atlanta and the water was all frozen! Hope you get enough snow where it's pretty to look at, but not enough where it's dangerous!

  8. LOL, I love your snowman's "hair".

    Happy New Year!

    Tink *~*~*

  9. Susan, be careful what you wish for! We have had a lot of snow, and ice, and wind and I AM TIRED of it already!

  10. I hope you get snow if you want it, but I hope and pray we do not! The citrus doesn't like it, and nor do the tropical plants. :-)



  11. Susan, we don't often get snow here in central TX either. Pretty photos. Come see what we did have though... a furry backyard visitor.
    Thanks for hosting...Sarah

  12. Great pics, Susan! I remember when I was in highschool in Macon and we got a HUGE snowfall...something like 20+ inches? Was that in 1973? Anyway, I remember it came up to the top of my oh-so-cool, knee high boots that I wore to school that day. (LOL) We couldn't even get home from school, we were stranded at good ole McEvoy (Southwest.) Someone with a Jeep made a million trips taking us all home, a few at the time. What a day! :-) Hope you get some snow...but maybe not THAT much! :-) Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

  13. Gosh it looks soooo cold!!!! Thanks so much for the opportunity, my post is now up! Gena @ thinking aloud

  14. Wow!
    Snow in the Southeast!
    I know how EXCITING that is!
    We just moved to Seattle from Alabama!
    Oh I do hope you get that wonderful white covering!
    I will keep my fingers crossed!
    Delighted to find out about Outdoor Wednesday!
    We usually hike on the weekends...so I will love posting about our hikes here in the Northwest!

  15. I have my Florida trip up and pics of the beautiful outdoors with warm weather unlike home in NY! Thought of you as I passed through GA! and boy were we surprised with the 30 degree temp!

  16. Illinois has snow and ice. Temperatures are like 8 above zero or 20 above zero. Spring is only about six weeks away. Now, I need to enjoy Winter. I liked your snowy scenes.
    Joyce M

  17. Love looking at the snow in different parts of the world... soooo pretty!

  18. Hope you don't get too much snow Susam --stay safe and stay warm!

  19. Love the snow pics!!

    Just love snow any old way.

    blessings and thanks for hosting.

    barbara jean

  20. Happy New Year Susan and Happy Snow Days too. my kids are excited it's snowing in London again this year (it rarely settles there too). Kathy, love your photos.

  21. Snowman we love to biuld them to, I so a blog in south of Austraila they did not have snow so the built it of sand! MB

  22. Don't we all love snow, that is until it grinds everything to a halt as it has in the UK right now!
    We woke up to snow in Normandy today,so I had to blog about it tout suite!
    Happy Outdoor Wednesday everyone.

  23. I love the one with the snow covered lane --and the broken tree limb.


  24. We have the same forecast as you, Susan, and I, too, hope we get some snow. The best thing about snow in the south is that it's usually "here today, gone tomorrow," so we don't have time to get tired of it.

    Thank you for hosting "Outdoor Wednesdays" for us!

  25. I hope you get some too. In fact, you can have some of ours. We don't have to much right now but I just know we will be the end of the season. I live in New England.

  26. great images! It is really cold here too now.
    but I was out until my camera froze. :(

  27. We're expecting snow in the next couple of days. As I get older, I still enjoy looking at it, but it can be such a hassle. This is my first Outdoor Wednesday...thanks for hosting!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  28. That is the cutest Snowbelle I've ever seen! I'm waiting for Spring before I head for Atlanta, no snow for this beach gal.

  29. Good morning Susan. I posted snow too. It is a wondrous thing!!! I hope you get enough snow to build a snowman.

    Hugs, Jeanne

  30. I'm not a big fan of snow, but I have to admit that's an awful cute snow creature! Hope you get enough to play in, but not enough to make life difficult.

  31. You capture some beautiful winter scenes.
    I should like to send you some of our clouds, as I had enough of snow this winter.

  32. I've been waiting for the snow too! It needs to hurry up!! Happy O.W. Susan ♥

  33. Yup, just like a little kid getting all excited for snow to fall.
    How quickly that feeling fades after you have shoveled your way out of the driveway 6 times, not that you would ever get that much. Would you?
    Luckily your car wasn't under that tree.

  34. I hope you get the snow you're anticipating and will look forward to the photos you share. Thanks for hosting Outdoor Wednesday. I've shared warm sunset views from last week at the beach at Happily Retired Gal.
    Hugs and blessings,

  35. My outdoor picture is of a snow storm, too!!

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!!!

  36. winter is everywhere...great photos

  37. we're expecting snow tomorrow. Hope it really does come!

  38. Great Photos! Thanks for being our host!

  39. Hi Susan,
    I posted on ODW. I believe I did it correctly. After not blogging for awhile, it takes a bit of rethinking. My entry is just under Crystal, I forgot to put anything else.

    I love your post, it is great that you get a little snow there sometimes. That snowman is sooo cute.

  40. Beautiful, Susan! I love seeing snow in the woods. It looks so peaceful.


  41. I just found your blog through another one I follow. I love looking at all the pictures!

  42. Hi Susan,
    I love your snow photos, we have snow too. I took a drive yesterday to the ocean and captured some snowy ones there too. I thought I would share them for Outdoor Wednesday.
    Have a lovely day.

  43. I sent you an invite to a blog lunch I am hostessing for Atlanta blog gals in Feb. so please look in your mailbox from invite.com. Not sure you will be in my area but I would love to have you come if you are.

  44. Susan, You southern gals and the SoCal girls crack me up when it concerns snow. I grew up with it out west and we had blizzards continuing into April, so it is not a novelty to me at all! LOL
    It IS pretty right after it falls, but then it gets so ugly and dirty as traffic drives through it or the dogs and neighborhood kids tramp through the once pristine yard. I do hope you get a bit of it to satisfy your hope of building a snow person. (trying not to be sexist here...) Hope your Outdoor Wednesday is a good one!
    ~ Sue

  45. Your little snowman is so cute ~ hopefully you will be able to build one again this year!

  46. Having come from a tropical country, my first experience with the snow was exhilarating. Though we don't get much snow down under unless you live in the Snowy Alps, I made it sure for my children and I to enjoy the beauty of this white cream from above by being on the ground almost at dawntime.

  47. Happy 2010! I love your snowman, and it looks like you want snow, I wish I could give you some of our snow.

  48. the anticipation of those fresh fluffy flakes...like awaiting santa...


    the time is nigh....

  49. Beautiful photos. I didn't think Georgia ever had snow. Love your header btw, can imagine sitting on that seat eyes closed ;istening to the sounds of nature.
    Melbourne Daily Photo

  50. Petty jealousy took over because I not only don't have snow..but not even a raindrop on my head...and I didn't contribute a thing. Can't wait for all the snowy pictures...maybe I'll feel better. Sick of sunshine...just SICK of it! I WANT WINTER!! :)

  51. Susan, I am soooo behind on my blog visiting! I feel like it's been forever since I came to visit you. Your snow pictures are great! We got a little powder of snow yesterday. It is just soooo cold! I hope you and your family are well, and I hope you have a wonderful 2010! laurie


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