Tuesday, April 7, 2009

4/8 Outdoor Wednesday # 13

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Thank you for all you prayers and well wishes to feel better. I really appreciate it!  I hope to be 100% soon….

It has been chilly here in Georgia the last few days….feels more like Winter than Spring….. but my hostas are beginning to peek through the ground. I hope to get some pictures of them later in the week……. Until them here are some older pictures…….


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  1. Susan,
    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!!!
    I love your photo collage. All the green is so soothing. We had 'hopefully' the last winter storm pass through today, may get some lake effect snow tonight but I'll pray that to be the end of Winter.
    Have a great Wednesday,

  2. Hi Susan,
    I love those pictures. Sooo green and lush. I am sorry to hear you weren't feeling good, I hope you're feeling better. I have been away from blogging and miss it. Enjoy your evening and Happy Outdoor Wednesday.
    PS I love the birdbath and the fairy statue

  3. Pretty Hostas. I wish I could grow them down here, but it's too hot. I hope you are feeling better soon.


  4. It's cold here in Texas too. Us Southern Girls don't like it cold close to Easter do we? I love all the green colors you chose here. I have that same little fairy statue. But, I love him so much I won't put him outside. He sits on one of my shelves.

  5. What a beautiful collage Susan! I love all the green! Happy Outdoor Wednesday to you. Thanks again for hosting...

  6. I love the colours of your collage!

  7. Your Flicker collage is nice. I wish I knew how to do that. I guess that is a question for next week. I can't wait until my hostas appear.

  8. Hi Susan, I didn't realize you'd been sick. :-(
    Hope you are much better very soon! Love your gorgeous collage...beautiful! Susan

  9. Hi Susan,
    Love the collage. I need to go figure out how to do those. Have a wonderful Easter Susan and thanks for hosting this. Cindy

  10. Hi Susan,
    Hope you will completely well soon!! Hostas are another one of my favorite plants. It is cold here tonight also Thank you for hosting.

  11. Susan, I am sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. But, I am glad you are getting better. I loved your lush green pictures. you are so lucky to live in Georgia. Hugs, Terrie

  12. Susan...
    Your hostas are beautiful! Mine are peeking through as well .. with all the snow flurries and the drop in temp today I have all of mine covered. Prayers on a speedy recovery, and thanks for hosting this fun fellowship.
    God Bless,

  13. Your pictures are beautiful. I just can't wait for the warmth to kick in.

  14. Hi Susan,

    It is freezing here as well, hopefully your snuggled up in front of a fire and keeping yourself warm and well.

    Thanks for hosting this outdoor party, what would we do without the outdoors?

    xxx and a big hug, Coty

    Have a wonderful Easter

  15. Hi Susan! Hope you are feeling better. I can relate last week I was ailing myself. Get well, friend! I loved your collage. Beautiful greenery!

  16. Susan, I am so happy to be posting my first Outdoor Wednesday.

    Your picture collage is lovely. I do hope you are feeling much better very soon.


  17. Susan,
    Your collage is so beautiful. Georgia is a beautiful state.

    I am so sorry you still are not up to par and hope you continue to get better. Dizziness in not fun.

    ♥Hugs♥ and best wishes for a fast recovery! :-)


  18. Hi Susan.... I'm participating in OW! Thanks for doing this for all of us!


  19. Lovely green shots! I'll be joining you soon!

  20. LOVE the great outdoors! Great collection of photos!

  21. I really hope you are feeling better very soon!

    Tink *~*~*
    “The Rocks”, Sanibel Island

  22. I hope you will be all recovered very soon. Thanks for sharing your beautiful collage of your garden. My hostas are just coming up now...it's wonderful to see how they come back year after year in all their lushness.

  23. I love the green!

    I don't have a blog, but I do have a website, and I took some photos of my garden last week. You can see them here: http://theprudenthomemaker.com/thekitchengarden.aspx

  24. Althoug I haven't had much this week ( I have a lot to do in our new garden)I will particpate in Outdoor wednesday. Hosta is one of my favourites too. Only the snails like them very much overhere.
    Thanks for hosting Outdoor Wednesday.
    greetings Marja

  25. Looove your greens! I am a 'Hosta- fan' too!
    Happy Outdoor Wednesday, Susan, and thanks for hosting this once again.

  26. Very pretty! I know I was a bit early but wanted to post before i went to bed.

  27. Beautiful pictures! I like how you put them into a collage. Have a great day!

  28. Good morning Susan, thank you for your kind comments about Beth and our grandsons. We are at peace knowing she isn't suffering anymore.

    I love your collage and greenery today. The bird bath is a nice touch. Our weather has been cold here too. Come back spring. Today it will warm up.

    Have a great day.


  29. Beautiful photos, Susan! Our hosta are just beginning to peek through the soil. I hope they stay put for a little while. We've had freeze warnings all week!!

  30. I do love hostas; I hope yours show nicely.

  31. Beautiful collage! It's been cool here too. Happy Outdoor Wednesday! :D Jewel

  32. What a lovely collection of photos - so soothing to the eyes! Stay warm too. We're experiencing chillier than normal temps as well here, but it's kind of a nice break from the 90's already. Kind of one last brief snippet of coolness before we have to turn on the a/c later this month.

  33. Beautiful pictures. My hostas are not up yet.... looking forward to it. They add the right touch to the flower bed.

  34. My hostas are peeking up too, but come and see my redbud tree!

  35. Ah..I hope you feel better really soon. Your mosaic of gorgeous green photos is just lovely. I especially love the birdbath in the center. So beautiful! Amy

  36. So glad you're feeling better. Great pics. Hugs, Marty

  37. I really love all that green.

    Have A Wonderful Wednesday
    from Roberta Anne

  38. Love the pictures. It got down into the 50's here in Florida overnight.

  39. I published my post and then realized I could finally join in! So I edited it.

    Lovely pictures and yes the weather has just been strange lately. I couldn't believe it was 28 degrees this a.m.!


  40. GM Susan hope you are feeling better real soon...we need you here in one piece girl..your the best..now go to bed and get some rest...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  41. Hi Susan, good to meet you. This is my first time here. I am a hosta collector. And see you have a few wonderful photos of your today. Have a great day.

  42. Hello Sweet Susan,
    Love your Spring collages. Love all your flowers,greenery, and beautiful birdbath. It's chill here in Mississippi...It got in 30s last night. Hope you are getting plenty of rest...go back to bed and drink plenty of liquid and soup. Get Well and my prayers are with you girl.... :) Katherinellen

  43. Love the collage. I agree with you on seeming more like Winter. We have had frost warnings all week. I am hoping it doesn't kill everything. I have a lot of hostas coming through. Pictures also coming soon. Have a blessed Wednesday!

  44. I love all the green! Thanks for sharing.

  45. I hope you're back to normal soon, Susan! Don't worry, spring really is coming!

    Justine :o )

  46. Susan your photo is amazing!
    Love it!

    I'm glad you are feeling better.

    Have a wonderful and blessed Easter.
    ~Melissa :)

  47. Hi Susan-
    Love your photo collage! Thanks for hosting OW again!

  48. Love hostas but I don't have enough shade for them. I think they give a garden such a peaceful look.

    Start feeling lots better. Blogging is hard work!

  49. Hello! My name is Sandra and this is my first time participating in "Outdoor Wednesday" What beautiful hostas you have. Very lovely!
    Have a blessed Easter

  50. Love the collage! Definitely makes me think of spring and nicer weather!
    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

  51. Pretty pictures Susan, My hostas are starting to pop thru too!

  52. Hi Susan...I love OUTDOOR WEDNESDAY...it inspires me to get out & yank those weeds...
    Your photo collage is gorgeous...how much property do you have? Maybe you've told us before, but I don't remember. ;-) Bo

  53. I love the photos, especially the curlyish one (far right second row).

    Hope you are soon completely feeling better.

  54. Susan,
    I love your collage...beautiful photos!!! I'm so sorry for being so late in getting my post up today...scheduling conflicts. You are so sweet to host this fun event!!!

    Enjoy this beautiful spring day!!!

  55. I forgot to comment on your OW post. Very late sorry.

    You certainly have a beautiful shady, woodsy look in that pretty photo collage. It must keep things cooler in your yard in the summer.

    Kathy b


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