Tuesday, August 14, 2012

8/15 Outdoor Wednesday # 188


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One of the kids said they saw a turtle on the driveway this week so I said “take some pictures!” It was a simple box turtle. It didn’t stay around very long before heading off into the bushes. I guess it didn’t want me to take pictures!



turtle 2_thumb[2]

turtle 3_thumb[2]

turtle 4_thumb[2]

turtle 4a_thumb[2]

turtle 5_thumb[2]

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  1. "Too Cute"! I love turtles and there is nothing at all simple about him, I find him QUITE HANDSOME... It's amazing how quickly they disappear when you turn your back...
    Have a fun week,

  2. I use to see turtles around a lot, but guess building of new homes/businesses has run most of them off. Thanks for hosting again this week. My entry is a combination of outside and inside - hope that is ok.
    Enjoy your evening.

  3. Oh, how cool! I live near a creek but I never see any turtles. Just lots of geese and ducks. Funny how he ended up on your driveway. Must've been lost!

  4. I'm glad the poor guy was out of the road. I hardly see them anymore so thanks for sharing your pictures. Thanks for hosting.

    The French Hutch

  5. Oh wow, that's an awesome turtle! I've never seen any around here. Thanks for hosting!

  6. Aw...we find these guys in our yard all the time and save them for a day, then let them free. Glad he got out from under the wheels!

  7. Oh! I love the turtle and fantastic photography of it ~ ! ~ Thanks for hosting this great event ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  8. There was one in my garden a couple of weeks ago. It was the first one I had seen in a few years. I'm glad to see them out and about.
    thanks for hosting....I appreciate it very much!

  9. We love turtles!! I would so love to find one- my sister had about 5 in her yard for years. I think she is down to 1 now.

    Thanks for the fun party!!!!

    bee blessed

  10. I love turtles too, and especially box turtles. You can count on them around here and I like the patterns on their shells.

  11. It seems that the turtle did a good job posing for the camera before he disappeared.

  12. I love turtles! What a fun find. I've never seen one where I live. Thanks for hosting.

  13. I love his eyes. Watch that turtle run. xo Jenny

  14. That little box turtle looks so cute from all angles!

  15. great shots
    cute turtle
    I like his face peeking out

  16. I'm glad you were backing out on it!

  17. How cute is that little guy?! Great pic of his face tucked in the shelling Susan!

  18. Wow...that really is a big one. We see them a lot here in Louisiana...even had one in our driveway once...they can move pretty fast when they want to...

  19. Where I live the turtles nest in
    my back yard all the time.. just
    two weeks ago I had to stop my car
    and carry one to the side of the road..
    great shots of this turtle...
    Thanks for hosting once again

  20. I love the turtle. So cute. I wish we had them here.

    Yael from Home Garden Diggers

  21. You got a good look at him/her!

  22. So the turtle I lost 35 years ago went to USA to look for me when I went to Canada.


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