Tuesday, July 28, 2009

7/29 Outdoor Wednesday #29


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August is the last growing month for many annuals in all but the most southern U.S. zones. Some will need cutting back and feeding to produce their last blooms of the season.

As the month progresses, it's time to start clearing out straggly, spent plants in preparation for fall clean-up. And remember to keep the weeds under control. They’re still growing and will drop seeds in the garden soil that will sprout next year if allowed to flourish. August temperatures can be trying for outdoor tasks, so do only the most necessary things, and plan them for the morning or dusk hours.

But there's still a lot to enjoy in the August annual garden. Many plants are still in bloom, such as celosia, sunflowers, gazania, marigold, zinnia and petunia.








Monarch butterflies start showing up and hummingbirds are flitting around. The cicadas start humming. And it's the last summer hurrah before fall, when school starts and a new season begins.

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  1. Those are all beautiful shots Susan.. Love the Zinnias & Sunflowers.. the Celosia my granmother called Rooster feathers. Happy Wednesday!

  2. Hello Susan! your flowers are all so bright and happy looking. They made me smile. We are roasting and breaking heat records here in Western Washington...ugh.
    Thanks for hosting this fun weekly event..

  3. Hi Susan,
    our summer here has been cooler and rainier then usual and I am so NOT ready for fall. Which is surprising since I love fall but I feel a bit cheated since we've hardly had any summer. Hopefully August will be hot.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday,

  4. This is beautiful,Susan!

    We've had such a lovely cool summer, the flowers have really flourished here in our part of tne world.

  5. Susan, i am so hoping your mother*in*law is doing much better. Please know that you have a lot of bloggy prayers going up for her and all of you.
    Thanks for posting such lovely flowers...made me smile, just looking at them.
    Thanks for taking the time during this hectic time for you to allow us to continue with your fabulous meme.
    love, bj

  6. Your flowers are beautiful! The crazy weather we had in the Spring was hard on mine, but have some that are still hanging in there. Thanks for hosting.

  7. Susan,
    Those flowers are gorgeous! I love all that color!

  8. I love zinnias! They are one of the plants that tends to do well here in Texas with our heat. They always do well in our garden and come up year after year in some of the oddest places. I once bought some tall zinnias and kept chopping them down cause I thought it was some type of weed, but was actually just chopping the heads off my poor zinnias. Oh well, I was a young gardener back then, we have all had our Ooops! : )

  9. WOW!!
    Those flowers are so bright and beautiful!!!

    I have a pot up for Outdoor Wednesday.
    Don't get to come very often, but had a coast trip to post.

    thanks so much for hosting.

    Barbara jean

  10. Me too..., I'm so not ready for fall. It's been hardly summer here. The flowers are all gorgeous though!

  11. The celosia are remarkable colors - love the intensity.

    Tink *~*~*

  12. You have the best flowers! I especially love the petunias and zinnias. Thanks for hosting.

  13. just beautiful! It was raining all day here....so I posted some outdoor fun instead!

  14. Hi Susan - I'm finally making my first "Outdoor Wednesday" post and joining in on all the fun and have my post linked up!! Thanks for doing this!!

    Off to bed now -

  15. Oh P.S. - your flowers are so pretty - everything here seems so parched and tired looking - or maybe its just me?

  16. Gorgeous late summer flowers and what a riot of color! I love the colors of zinnia and gazania.


  17. I can't ever get my flowers to look like that! Great job!

  18. Thank you Susan -- I've just found you, and it's my first time to join! Those flowers are spectacular - we can't keep them looking that pretty in Dallas right now!

  19. Beautiful flowers, Susan, some of them I have never heard of. Such as gazanias, they are gorgeous!
    Thank you for hosting this, Susan, I always enjoy joining in. It is a lot of fun! I get several comments on my blog thanks to you. Hugs, ~cindy s~

  20. Susan, these are beautiful. So bright and cheery.. Thanks for hosting another beautiful Wednesday... hugs ~lynne~

  21. Susan--What beautiful pictures and vibrant colors! Ihave zinnias for the first time and love them! I am not familiar with gazanias--I'll have to look them up! Thanks for hosting!

  22. Hi Susan! Such pretty flowers! Yes, some of mine need a good pruning and fertilizing. Are you getting all of the rain we've been getting around here? Wonderful! Hope things are going better for your family...hugs...Debbie

  23. Susan, those flowers are all gorgeous. So inspiring. How are you and your family? I've been praying for all of you. I hope everyone is getting better. Thanks so much for being such a faithful hostess for Outdoor Wed. laurie

  24. Beautiful flowers, and that's what I've been doing today is pulling weeds, trying to keep ahead of the game. Have a nice day and thanks for hosting!

  25. Hi Susan!
    Thank you for hosting Outdoor Wednesday!
    This is my first one.
    Your post is beautiful! Such wonderful color!
    Have a lovely day!
    Mary :)

  26. Your flowers have such vibrant colors. They are just beautiful.

    I pray your mil is doing better.
    your flowers are so very pretty....such vibrant zinnia's....love them
    So sorry I missed your birthday last week
    Angel Hugs

  28. What beautiful flowers! Love them all!

  29. love the vibrant colors! so beautiful!

  30. Awesome!
    I truly mesmerize by each beauty.
    Thanks for sharing
    Happy outdoor Susan.

  31. Oh my goodness! Are all of these in your garden? They are so beautiful and perfect! I have two out of control snapdragons that need to be yanked out but I've replaced all the others so things are still looking fresh and new. Our growing season extends to the end of September so we're good for a little while. Then the fall plants will come in and the geraniums will be pinched way back. We prune our roses back in December because we have to force them into their winter sleep to get a good spring bloom. Do you have to do the same thing in the south?

    Gorgeous photos! Thanks for hosting OW - it has become my absolute favorite of the week. It's just like visiting gardens and parks all over the world!


  32. I like the celosia planted in the pot best. :-)The look very interesting too!


  33. Those are stunning colours. I'm just about to prune our roses as spring (YUP!) is five weeks away!

  34. What beautiful flowers you have posted. Happy outdoor.

  35. Such pretty flowers. I have marigolds in my post today also.

  36. Beautiful, colourful flowers! Happy Outdoor Wednesday :)

  37. I walked along the flower bed last night marveling at the successful growth of the weeds. I cannot keep up with them...although it would be more likely if I weren't a wimp when it comes to heat and humidity.

    The flowers you featured are great!

    Becky K.

  38. Beautiful pictures -- those blooms are what makes August bearable.

  39. I've never been good at gardening and that's why my place doesn't look like yours!

  40. Yes, summer is almost over. Your flowers certainly are bountiful and beautiful. Simply lovely post!
    Joyce M

  41. Love seeing the pretty flowers! :D Jewel

  42. August is probably my favorite month, but then I don't have a garden to keep me working! Love the flowers - especially the marigolds.

  43. What a feast for the eyes, and such an abundance of gorgeous flowers. Your photographs are beautiful. August is the month when the gardens are in full bloom and we all try to grasp the fun of our last month of summer.


  44. I like what Debbie said about her grandmother calling the Celosia rooster feathers, feathers was the first thing that came to mind when I saw them. What a wonderful centerpiece they would make.

    Thanks as always, Susan!

  45. I just love all of those gorgeous colors. I can't wait for August to rush by in order to get into some really good growing days here in Florida. I love winter. I never thought I would say that....

  46. Very pretty!!! Around here with the drought, our flowers are petering out!

    My Outdoor Wednesday is all about oil....big industry...Texas oil!

  47. Your flowers are beautiful! We've had such a rainy summer so far, but this week has been hot and muggy. Everything is really blooming now that the sun is out more.


  48. Loving those bright and happy sunflowers!

  49. What glorious flowers! Yes, it's the last of the summer showings - and what showings you have! Beautiful!


  50. WOW! I love the flowers and all those fantastic colors.

  51. Awesome! These pots, beds and massive bunches of flowers look so healthy and stunning. Just beautiful.

  52. The colors in these flowers are explosive! Wow, such beauty. Thanks for hosting this fabulous event...I have so much fun blog hopping around. Mumzie :)

  53. Your flowers are LOVELY and make me want to visit my local nursery for some bedding plants to add more color to my yard since many of MY earlier plantings have faded away. I'm participating for the first time today ... sharing 'surfing' images I photographed and collaged with Photoshop Elements over the weekend at the US Open International Championships.
    Hugs and blessings,

  54. I wrote a long comment last night around 11:30...and it just wouldn't post. Here I am again saying hi, and hoping all is well with your MIL.
    I can't believe all the gals that are here. How on earth do you go visit them all. It would take me 3 full days. No food, no pee breaks, no T.V. no nothing!!
    Beautiful flowers as usual Susan
    Stay cool
    Love Claudie

  55. Dear Susan
    You help brighten my week-- every single week now for the past couple of months. I want to take moment to thank you sincerely.

    You are a hit-- and its a delight to go to others, i just find myself wishing i could hit them all :)

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥

  56. Wow Susan, Love all your flowers... They are so brillant and festive looking... hope your MIL is doing better... My prayers are with her. Have a great day my friend!


  57. Susan, your summer annuals are just gorgeous - so bright and colorful! They make me happy just looking at them!

  58. Lovely post Susan. The flowers are gorgeous. I am off right now to my garden. You have inspired me.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  59. Celosias are Beautiful - one of my favorites! They dry well too, for winter bouquets. Thanks for sharing your lovely flowers and for hosting Outdoor Wednesdays.

  60. Oh Susan! Your flowers are sooooo beautiful!! Happy Outdoor Wednesday ♥

  61. Very pretty! I love all the vibrant colors! Thank you for sharing all of these beautiful flowers! We are still in the heat of summer here.

  62. So beautiful! I love flowers and all the grogeous color. You are blessed!

  63. MINE'S UP...

  64. Holy smokes, Susan, there are 120 posts for OW! Wow ... congrats! You will get serious wrist injuries if you try and hit them all.

    Gorgeous pics of the blooms. Those Gazania amaze me -- I put them in this year, and they've gone nowhere. They have full sun, all the coddling they could need, and most days they are shut up tight. Very disappointing because I LOVE them but I'm not giving them garden room next year if they're going to go all Greta Garbo on me.

    Thanks for hosting!

  65. Such beautiful blooms! Zinnias are my very favorite flower.

  66. The flowers are so pretty and do bring happy smiles. I am not ready for the winter and fall to start appearing yet! I love the sound of your cicadas in the south!
    I sincerely hope you MIL is feeling much better and I also want to wish a belated Happy birthday!


  67. Hello Susan, I thought I left you a comment but I didn't see it. Your flowers are gorgeous today. I love your beautiful photos too. You are a terrific photographer.

    We are home for good at least for a while. I am so happy having time on my computer again.

    Have a happy outdoors day.


  68. WHAT?? Last hurrah? 5 more weeks of summer here, heck it started so late, the flowers are just starting to look good..
    Beautiful pics , Susan..love the colors!

  69. One of these days you're going to take pictures of your own actual flowers, right? LOL

    Justine :o )

  70. Such beautiful sunflowers. I will be able to plant mine soon (I think) here in AZ.

  71. I love that bowl of CELOSIA! Gorgeous :)

  72. (first timer)I love your outdoor Wednesday posts, and hope to join in for the first time this week.
    Your flowers are beautiful.

  73. Love the Celosia and Sunflowers wow!

    All the best,

  74. Oh my, what beautiful blossoms~ we don't have those yet here in Manitoba. Our trees haven't even blossomed yet!
    Thank you, Susan, for hosting this fun blog party~
    Hugs, Cindy S


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