Sunday, December 21, 2008

Decorated for Christmas: Stairway and Hallway

Last year the nutcracker ornaments were on the two trees in the dining room. This year they are found in the stairway and hallway! At the bottom of the stairs 2 nutcrackers flank the stairs…..

bottom of stairs

As you walk up the steps, you will see nutcrackers of all shapes and sizes, along with different drums….



I wired a nutcracker to each bow…….

steps bow

At the top of the steps is my gingerbread wall tree. I had a handful of gingerbread ornaments that I didn’t know what to do with….. until I saw the small wall tree at Michaels!

gingerbread tree

Looking down the hall are more nutcrackers…..


with a nutcracker wreath……

nutcracker wreath

and at the end of the hall…. a small nutcracker tree!

nutcracker tree

Who says ornaments are just for trees? Not me!

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  1. I absolutely love your header pic! The table looks divine;) Love all your decorations especially those nutcrackers;) French
    PS Hope you don;t mind that I am adding you to my list!!!

  2. ~Beautiful~

    You are one talented lady. :)

  3. What a great place to display all of the nutcrackers! It's nice to see something different than having them all standing on a mantle. I especially love the two big ones flanking the staircase.

  4. Your stairway and hallway look beautiful! Love your nutcracker collection. laurie

  5. Everything looks so the nutcrackers. Have been looking at those here in the U.K but the ones I've seen had scary faces/

  6. all your nutcrackers are darling! i collect them too, the older i get, the less i manage to spread around... i need a year round xmas room where i can just point to annually and no work involved!

  7. Good morning Susan...When I see a home with a staircase decorated this beautifully, it makes me want a upper rooms...just the staircase...LOL ;-) Bo

  8. Wow- everything looks so lovely! I love how you have displayed the Nutcrackers.
    Simply beautiful - as always!


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