Saturday, December 20, 2008

Decorated for Christmas: Dachshund style

A quick peek into the half bath which has become the dachshund room..... for Christmas....

santa sleigh

Santa and his sleigh are covered in dachshunds in this beautiful collectible from Danbury Mint.

Why dachshunds? We have three mini-doxies that are members of the family.... so of course, they get their own tree! I found this cute little alpine tree at Hobby Lobby and knew that it would fit perfectly in the corner in this little bathroom! (My husband thought the size of the bathroom would prevent it from having a tree.... he should know better after all these years)


There are pictures of all our current and previous dachshunds on the tree, along with other dog-related ornaments. Here are Lady (top photo), Daisy (lower left), and Princess (lower right)

Lady, Daisy, Princess

Lady and Princess are no longer with us but we still miss them. Daisy’s picture isn’t very clear,but she is sitting up (looks more like a bear). Isn't that little ornament of the dachshund in the flower pot adorable?


And here are two of our girls, Heidi (top) and Mitzi (lower left). Doesn't Mitzi look stunning in her pink sweater? She loved that sweater..... until her sister (Heidi) chewed it up one day.


I love the little dachshund ornaments on the tree. Here are a few of my favorites.






Looking at the picture now…. I think the tree needed something…. perhaps I will get a box of milk bone dog biscuits and tie them on with ribbons for next year!  Or maybe I can find a cute ribbon with bones on it and use the ribbon as garland……. what do you think?

Does your pet have a tree or stocking?

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  1. I love you dog tree! One time I made a frame with milk bones all around the outside and sprayed it with clear. It was so nice! I wish I had tons of shar-pei ornaments! Great's all beautiful!

  2. Hi...That is such a fun idea...a doggie tree! I get more ideas from Blogland...Thanks!
    ;-) Bo

  3. I LOVE the santa, sleigh and all the little dachshunds around! That is darling! Thanks for the smile! Happy Holidays!

  4. I love this idea! I'm definitely going to organize my ornaments so that I can find them next year & use one of my Alpine trees for the dog ornaments!

    I've collected Puppy Love ornaments from Hallmark for years - I have all of them & duplicates of most... I also have many other types of dog ornaments.

    We have 5 dogs & they're a huge part of our lives. ☺ Diane


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